Why do you buy consoles?

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User Info: 1618dude

5 years ago#41
Just for some few exclusives. I don't like console gaming that much.
It seems a lot of people here still have that idea that you have to be a genius or need tons of money to play on pc. Sometimes I think you guys underestimate your own intelligence. Everyone is capable of learning a thing or two about computers and build a good, cheap and functional one.
I can understand if that's not your thing. if you only care about the exclusives, having only a console it's a good deal. but when people say stuff like:

-I prefer couch and huge tv!
-I need tons of money!
-PCs are too much hassle.

I don't know... you should at least research a little bit before.

User Info: PHEEliNUX

5 years ago#42
To play games
Simple as that

User Info: Lord_Kagato

5 years ago#43
For the non-PC titles.

If I can get a game for the PC, I do. It's the superior platform for games due to being able to have the best graphics and user-created content.

However, not everything is on the PC. That is why I buy consoles. Also, consoles sometimes have something nifty about them that PCs don't have. At least these days...
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User Info: Gwendal

5 years ago#44
I can see how some people might prefer consoles for the convenience, but I also think there's a lot of exaggeration about how much hassle PC gaming involves. It's pretty easy and streamlined these days for the most part, and now that consoles also have patches, installs and all that, the difference isn't really that big anymore IMO.
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User Info: acdcman07

5 years ago#45
Luthor_ posted...
I really hate PC gaming.

You lose comfort just for graphics and the occasional worth using mod.

Also, when I play games, I want to put them in the console and start playing. Not expect to solve errors or bother upgrading ever so often. I want a secure 5+ years of just buying games and not so much hardware.

Common misconception. You can easily plug your pc up to your tv(assuming it's something not ancient) and most games that come out for pc have the ability to use controllers. Those that don't, you can figure something out to sit comfortably with a kb+m.

User Info: rootbeer121

5 years ago#46
I only own one current gen console, and that's a PS3. I only ever boot up my PS3 to play one of their exclusives, like MGS or God of War. Every other game I play on PC.
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User Info: oxnerd

5 years ago#47
I have a gaming quality PC but if a game like GTA is on the PS3 or 360, I'd rather play it on the PS3 or 360. Its funny 'cause I play mostly crap quality games on my PC like league of legends or dota2, the only PC exclusive I have is Guildwars

User Info: Estil

5 years ago#48
sloth927 posted...
I personally buy them almost only for the exclusives

What other reason would you have to buy consoles/handhelds? The exclusive games are what gives the console its umph. After all, what would be the point of having three major consoles if each one didn't offer its fair share of exclusive titles?
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User Info: RoyMaster4

5 years ago#49
Generally exclusives. If I have the option between PC and console, though, I'll get it for console. I only had a Wii until a year ago, when I finally got a PS3 because of certain exclusives I wanted (Namely Sonic Generations).

Xbox just doesn't appeal to me. I don't care about Halo or Gears of War, so....
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User Info: Lousy_Fellow

5 years ago#50
Why? Because...

1- I don't need to keep pestering people on console boards questioning if my setup can run game X.

2- Most games that come to PCs are multiplat ports, so why bother?

3- I don't like FPS much, but I do love action games, platformers, fighting and JRPGs, genres PCs are severely lacking nowadays.

4- Ever since God of War and Shadow of the Colossus blew me away in the comparatively inferior PS2, I noticed PCs sure are powerful, but devs don't do anything worthwhile with it besides HD GRAFIX, which I could care less.
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