Does anyone else think that graphics are advancing too fast?

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  3. Does anyone else think that graphics are advancing too fast?

User Info: Emerald_Melios

4 years ago#51
Eoin posted...
Much of that would have happened anyway. We lost more publishers/developers in 6th generation than in the 7th. A small increase in graphical power would still have resulted in games being more detailed (remember Microsoft were pushing for HD graphics even with the original Xbox), and games would still have increased in scope - they just wouldn't have had the power to match that scope.

I bet voice acting added a lot of costs. Sometimes unnecessary costs.

User Info: ElectricMole

4 years ago#52
I've been gaming on 2005 graphic technology and I'm ready for an improvement.

I don't know what planet you've been living on the past 6 years, tc if you think its moving too fast.
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User Info: Golden Maven

Golden Maven
4 years ago#53
kreegan64 posted...
Do you think that devs are doing too much too soon? Do you think we gamers could have waited longer for hd graphics? Do you think we need many more graphical enhancements?

No, we're not. This generation in particular has been going on for 6 years, that's a pretty long time. As far as the finances go, we'll let the companies deal with that. We don't know anything about it. All I know is, the VG industry looks pretty damn healthy to me.

Don't get me wrong, I was still happy with my PS2 in 2006... But at this point, my eyes cannot help but "see" the imperfections in PS3 games. That's when we've hit the ceiling and we're primed to move on. It's also my favourite part of any generation, because that's when the best games tend to see the light.

User Info: AstralFrost

4 years ago#54
Graphics aren't advancing too fast, its just that the Wii was stick with PS2 era graphics for its entire run. The world has moved on and been laughing at it for years.
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  3. Does anyone else think that graphics are advancing too fast?

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