Shigeru Miyamoto "Nintendo games are not art but products"

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User Info: I_R_WINNER

4 years ago#61
Kiro_nami posted...
Aren't Japanese people really humble?

Usually yes.
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User Info: MuZemike

4 years ago#62
Soanevalcke6 posted...
Just because Shiggy makes good games doesnt mean he's never wrong.

This is a case where he is wrong, Video games are art.

BTW, just because something is Bad art doesn't mean it's not art. So from Call of Duty to Super Mario Bros, Video Games are art.

Miyamoto is not saying no game is art. He is saying Nintendo games are not art.

User Info: Icecreamdunwich

4 years ago#63
That's just disgusting to say.
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User Info: zeloswilder_fan

4 years ago#64
Well, when did the two become mutually exclusive?
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User Info: AceMos

4 years ago#65
Squished_Mario posted...
Miyamoto is the same guy who hated Donkey Kong Country, an obviously superior game to a lot of the stuff he made.

thats not true

what he didnt like was all the pointless collections which led rare in DKC2 yo make the collections have a point thus miyamoto helped improved DKC and even invent the collectithon genre all wtih a little constructive critic
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User Info: The U

The U
4 years ago#66
wingo84 posted...
kamikaze135 posted...
Video games aren't art.

Art is subjective. Therefore what qualifies as art is subjective.

The artist is the only one with a true voice regarding the piece. Everyone else is just responding to the piece and even saying "it isn't art" is a response that may have been the artist's intention: to have the viewer think about what is art. Art is always objective first, subjective afterwards. The artist setting out to make a statement or provoke deeper contemplation, through a piece, as the primary function of the piece, is what defines a piece as art.

That's what makes video games not art. The first purpose of the game is to give the user a sense of achievement, not enrich life through contemplation of the piece or make a statement. Those might be secondary goals, but I haven't seen that as the primary goal in any game. This is also why Okami isn't art. 'Deeply moving' or 'beautiful' is not enough to define something as art. Even a rendering of a bowl of fruit, if created with purpose, will cause the viewer to think past the fruit and wonder deeper, perhaps about the artist themselves.

If someone can name a game with no goals and it seems to exist just to make a statement to the viewer or stir the user to deeper thought, that one might be art.

User Info: El_Dustino

4 years ago#67
Sol_Clyde posted...
YamagishiD posted...
emagdnE posted...

Aren't Japanese people really humble?

the exact opposite

they have quite the superiority complex, especially in regards to non-japanese

From my time with family and such in Japan, they are rather critical of themselves. They will find just as many things to bash about themselves as feel proud of. But yea, they do have a bit of a superiority complex in regards to other countries and cultures at times.

It's not about feeling superior. They're just very protective of their own culture. It's why they avoid mixing with other people online. (Their online communities are closed for foreigners)
Their cutlure is simply different. If you're a foreigner and you're in their country you're basically in someone else's house and they expect you to act accordingly. There's no 'Make yourself at home.'

Eh... anyone that denies that there is strong nationalism in Japan, even post World War II, is not exactly right...
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User Info: ILikesCheese

4 years ago#68
The ignorance on display in this thread is astounding.

(Oh wait...GameFAQS...par for the course!)

What is art? Is a movie art or a product you buy a ticket for? Is music art or something you download with your credit card from I Tunes? Is a book art or something you buy from Amazon? Is a painting art or something you fork over cash for to hang over the fireplace?

Of course a video game can be art. Mario games though? Eh, maybe not so much...
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User Info: Buretsu

4 years ago#69
ILikesCheese posted...
What is art?

Art... is a BANG!

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User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#70
I think what Shiggy means is that "art," is entirely self-expressive, when they make a game they need to consider the consumer.

But I do disagree with him. ;)
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