Will we ever have the feeling of playing Mario 64 for the first time again?

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User Info: AXKSION

5 years ago#51
genlock posted...
The thing about Nintendo is not the graphics, it is the gameplay. It has lagged so far behind. It is the Disney of games, relying on tired franchises. I hope hope hope they turn it around. But it looks bleak.

Nintendo has always made the best funnest games, you troll.
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User Info: AvatarOfBagan

5 years ago#52
Dunno, I was impressed overall, but there were only three games that completely blew my mind...

Godzilla: Destroy all monsters melee

Godzilla: Save the earth

Godzilla Unleashed.

The fact that they were Godzilla games is only secondary to what the games consisted of and how it was executed.
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User Info: Jonbazookaboz

5 years ago#53
SirSquire posted...
Mario 64, Ocarina of Time and Halo CE gave me the feeling of wonderment. I haven't really got it since

This. Sadly no wonderment from ps3 though
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User Info: guineapigofdoom

5 years ago#54
Nope, Nintendo died with the n64.

User Info: AgitoXIII

5 years ago#55
I already have had that feeling TC. Mario Galaxy games are 20xs better then Mario 64 could ever be. And are the true way mario should have transitioned to 3D anyway.
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User Info: AXKSION

5 years ago#56
AgitoXIII posted...
I already have had that feeling TC. Mario Galaxy games are 20xs better then Mario 64 could ever be.

LOL, epic fail.

Super Mario 64 makes both Galaxy games seem like trash.
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User Info: Garr-

5 years ago#57
You mean that feeling when you're like "Oh, Mario in 3D. That's cool I guess."?

Probably never since Mario's already in 3D and it won't be like it's in 3D for the first time. Same goes for anything else.

User Info: ShinChuck

5 years ago#58
It won't ever be *exactly* the same, but it WILL happen, just like you'll never have that exact same moment with friends and family, but you'll have more memories right up there with it over time. I can think of several games in my life that have done this. Super Mario World, FFIV, Mario 64, Nights into Dreams, Shenmue, Morrowind, Skies of Arcadia.

Others come close for me, like Fable, Skyrim, Deadly Premonition...

It's a pretty short list among all the games I've played (maybe into four digits by this point), maybe under a dozen, but they're there, and more will come as time goes on, if few and far between.
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User Info: Solis

5 years ago#59
Obviously we'll never capture the SAME feeling we had playing these games that offered a new experience to us for the first time, but I think there have been plenty of possibilities for different but equally impressionable experiences. Although I had played several 3D games before Super Mario 64 was ever released, so it didn't really have the same impact for me as it did for others I'd imagine.

However as far as remarkable new experiences go, I'd definitely list Planetside 2 as the most notable example recently for me. I've encountered some incredible scenarios in it, like standing on the watchtower of a base that's being assaulted by a huge enemy force, seeing the sky filled with dozens of fighters and bombers all vying for air superiority and whizzing past while columns of tanks roll across the hills and fields to meet eachother on the frontlines, transport ships descending from above and dropping off squad after squad of infantry within the walls of the facility, every single vehicle and soldier firing weapons and being able to see tracers streak through the air while explosions surround you and illuminate the ground as light shafts from the sun in the distance silhouette the horizon and structures at dusk.

It captures the sensation that every scripted sequence from war games try to create, what every cinematic battle told through cutscenes and backdrops attempt to convey, the situation that every war movie tries to present, and it turns it into an actual, dynamic, completely interactive experience where you realize that every single action is caused by actual people, and that you're just as much a part of the world as any of the other thousands of players fighting for control of the game world are. For as impressive as the original Planetside was, the second game just completely reinvents it with an absolutely amazing presentation that looks and sounds spectacular and really makes the entire concept come to life.

So...to go back to the original question, we won't relive the exact same feeling Mario 64 or whatever other 3D game we first encountered was, but there's certainly a world of opportunity to have entirely new experiences that will impact us in much the same way.
"Walking tanks must exist somewhere for there to be such attention to detail like this in mech sim." - IGN Steel Battalion review

User Info: Jin66

5 years ago#60
Great post TC. Like others have said we were kids and nothing has come close to the feeling of pinching Mario's face and running outside the castle the first time. It's actually extraordinary what SM64 achieved. For the first 3D game made it was so polished. Sad thing about getting old is nothing surprises you anymore.

Games that have come close are: GTA3, MGS2, FFVII, Goldeneye (facility level) and Uncharted 2 train level.
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