Sadly, I'm pretty sure this will be Nintendo's last console. WARNING: Long topic

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User Info: aMonsoone

5 years ago#121
"The Future of Nintendo: I see the Wii U being a small success, but not enough for Nintendo to keep up with the competition in the console department. They will end up making portable gaming systems only. They will most likely be offered buyouts by both Sony and Microsoft. They will not accept Sony's offer, but may possibly take Microsoft's."

If you really want to look at console failures, look at Neo Geo or Sega. Then, compare the sales figures and business tactics with what is going on today (You know, actually dissecting data instead of posting your opinion and claiming it to be the truth.)

If nintendo as a games developer were to fail in any case, Microsoft or Sony aren't just going to buy their developers to make first party games. It would never work like that. Miyamota for example might go work for another studio, but you wouldn't just magically receive all of Nintendo's human assets just because of some supposed future buyout.

This begs the question: what does microsoft or sony have to gain from buying out Nintendo (for hundreds of millions)?
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User Info: The J0ker

The J0ker
5 years ago#122
paralyzed21 posted...
id say they have 1 more shot after this one. this system wont put them out of business, but if they dont learn from it's mistakes, theyll go under.

Nintendo could take two consecutive PS3-size financial failures before even incurring any debt, and that's only academic anyway since they would never be stupid enough to make a system that is a hefty loss leader even at $600.

User Info: CrimsonGear80

5 years ago#123
AstralFrost posted...
CrimsonGear80 posted...
the system has been out for barely a week.

These topics and opinions are those of children who don't know what they are talking about.

The system is being judged on its performance in that week. Your opinion is no more valid than anyone else's but since you are unable to show basic levels of respect you have no credibility at all.

Respect?? You defend and attempt to rationalize blatent trolling and you want respect?? The "opinion" excuse only takes you so far, kid. If you need to troll so badly, just troll. Don't try to rationalize it, that's just embarrassing and sad.
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User Info: iAmTheTot

5 years ago#124
This topic is lol, from OP to now.
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User Info: ILikesCheese

5 years ago#125
Spike posted...
My point in mentioning everything above is that I know what I'm talking about. So before someone posts in here assuming I don't, think again!

Forgive me if this point has been brought up in the hundred plus posts since the initial one that I didn't read but...

Just because you are in your 20s, out of grade school, and a long time Nintendo fan of sorts, doesn't mean you know ANYTHING about Economics and the Business world. This will not be Nin's last console. You don't judge a product's success or failure in the first week. Sales are quite fine and will continue to be. It is virtually impossible for the Wii U to match the saturation level of the Wii, but that doesn't mean it and the first party games won't bring in tons of cash for Nintendo.
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User Info: BiZzArR0

5 years ago#126
Damn it, OP. You're supposed to play the autism card once you lost the argument, not when you start it.
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User Info: princespawn

5 years ago#127
WaferMon posted...
Gladly, I'm pretty sure this will not be Nintendo's last console.


-Nintendo is not in danger of going out of business
-First party games. 'nuff said


You do realize that Nintendo is losing more revenue on the WiiU due to the manufacturing cost? It is just similar situation to what Sony went thru with the PS3.
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User Info: The J0ker

The J0ker
5 years ago#128
princespawn posted...

You do realize that Nintendo is losing more revenue on the WiiU due to the manufacturing cost? It is just similar situation to what Sony went thru with the PS3.

First of all, you don't lose revenue by selling below cost, you lose profits. Secondly, the situation is nowhere near similar to what Sony went through with PS3 as it took a huge loss even at $600 whereas Nintendo only needs one game sale for the transaction to be profitable.

User Info: justin_mc

5 years ago#129
Zen_Zarab posted...
You have the Wii U which is 50% more powerful then the other current gen consoles. Wait a year, and we'll get consoles 400% more powerful. Starting the true next gen. Unless the Wii U gains popularity with the non-hardcore like it did with the Wii. Don't expect the same insane profits they have achieved with the Wii. Not saying Nintendo is going down. But they are very late to make a current gen console, and even further behind when it comes to the upcoming gen. So they are going to lose a lot of ground...

Generations are not measured in power, despite what you may think to be true. The new generation started with 3DS and Vita, and the Wii U is a part of it. You sound like a complete moron when you start talking about the true next gen. Also, you have no idea how powerful the Wii U is, nor does anyone but the devs. The Wii U is the beginning of next gen home consoles, regardless of power. Seriously, people who say dumb **** like this are the biggest problem with GameFAQs today.
DumpsterMcNuggets 5 years ago#130
All I gotta say, is that I'm one Asperger's dude who disagrees with you totally with what you said about the Wii U supposedly be Nintendo's last system. LMAO, really? And you're making this post after only something like a week(ahem, 11/2 weeks) after the Wii U comes out, and so many announced games aren't out yet?

I feel it isn't much point to continuing this post further, when other posters did a more eloquent job of expressing the same points that I would've said in a post. However, I will say that I wish Nintendo had embraced online and higher quality graphics sooner, that they only finally tackled with the Wii U. (and myself, I'm personally looking forward to getting one at some point down the road) But typical to see a post like this here, since a new system's board soon after a release always attracts unusual and bizarre posters.
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