Sadly, I'm pretty sure this will be Nintendo's last console. WARNING: Long topic

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User Info: itis41269

4 years ago#141
darklink1017 posted...
TC has ass burgers

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User Info: princespawn

4 years ago#142
Ness0123456789 posted...
From: Jinzo 111887 | #107
TC's forgetting about the rumors of Sony and Microsoft's plans for next gen consoles and DRM. Both of them are rumored to block used games and require an online connection. Microsoft's also got a patent to use the Kinect to monitor users and as a camera and monitor users as a form of DRM. If these turn out to be true, I wouldn't be surprised if people decided they had enough of that crap and buy a Wii U over a PS3 or Xbox 360.


If you think that the DRM is a decision that's being made strictly by Microsoft and Sony, you're incredibly misinformed.

Believe it or not, the DRM issue isn't coming from piracy (though that is a small part of it), it's coming from the retail game stores and their continued refusal to work with developers and publishers on the sales of used games. If, and it's almost a certain if, Gamestop, Bestbuy, and your other retail sellers continue selling used games without letting the developers and publishers see a dime of it, it's not just going to become a "Well only Microsoft and Sony are going to push the DRM" thing. Every developer will.

Microsoft and Sony might fire the bullet in the next generation, but they're doing it not out of greed, but out of necessity. When you have companies like Gamestop offering to buy back your games for $30, so that they can turn around and sell them for $50, do you really think the average gamer and consumer is NOT going to take advantage of that? They don't know, or care, about the fact the developers aren't making any money that way, and therein lies the exact problem with all of this.

Consumer ignorance, like yours, is what leads to DRM. If you want to avoid DRM from future consoles, games, and developers, than you need to help spread the word about used game sales, what they do to the game companies, and not support them by simply not buying used if you know that the money you spend on the used title isn't going to go to the developer.

But of course, you, and many others, will simply take this at face value, and say "Well Nintendo will NEVER do that! Never!" But that of course is wrong, and Nintendo will eventually jump into the ship as their third party developers do. If they don't, than the Third Parties will stop developing on the WiiU knowing full well that their games will be resold used, and they won't get any profit from them.

DRM is a vicious cycle, but it's brought about more often than not by consumer ignorance and retail sellers. Piracy isn't the biggest issue when it comes to DRM, ESPECIALLY Console DRM.

You might as well be saying the same toward flea markets, yard sales, and used sales altogether...
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User Info: AceMos

4 years ago#143
nothing funyn abouy havign autisim grow up ppl
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User Info: seysay

4 years ago#144
If you think Nintendo is falling off because the sales, you're crazy.... most of the USA's sales come from the east coast. The East coast got hit by a HURRICANE not to long ago!!!!!!!!!! people lost their homes and lives. they need food now, not new systems... think about it people - 400,000 first week after a hurricane is really good. i don't think people remember not being on the pre-order list, but being on the waiting list (like i was) because they ran out off pre-orders in less then 48 hours!!!!! i don't think so....

User Info: lonlonmilklover

4 years ago#145
Your points for being "sure" this will be Nintendo's last console are terribly illogical.

"The reason for the disappointing sales is that this is essentially nothing more then a Wii rehash"

Rehash: 1. To bring forth again in another form without significant alteration.

Significantly higher resolution.
Significantly higher system specs.
Significantly more features on gamepad.
Significantly more players in multiplayer games.

Rehash? You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.


"First, you've got the high definition and this new WiiTV feature that's coming out soon. The problem is that this is the same kind of stuff people have had with the PS3 and 360 for several years now. It's nothing new. It's only new for Nintendo."

If you have been a huge Nintendo fan, you should be well aware that Nintendo has never relied on graphical power as the primary selling point to market their games. They've always had much stronger gameplay elements, creativity and interactive innovation than worrying about resolution. The bottom line is that the importance one holds for graphics is purely preference but a balance must be had, so Nintendo obviously jumped on board with full HD now. However, because of this, many fans will actually be excited about this, and be more likely to buy the console because of it. When was the last time you heard somebody say, "Wow! The latest console from [company] has a higher resolution now! I'm not going to buy it since it's only new to THEM!"


"Second, you've got the more hardcore games being released for the system that the Wii never had. That's awesome, but for most I feel it's far too late. Most hardcore gamers who would have loved to see those kinds of titles on the Wii have went ahead and bought a PS3 or 360. Now that they have access to those titles, what's the point in buying a Wii U for the same games they can get on those other systems? The graphics may be better on the Wii U versions, but that won't be enough to encourage most hardcore gamers to buy a Wii U. Too little to late."

You've condemned a system before you've seen changes personally, much less played the titles.

I'll give one example: Batman Arkham Asylum Armored Edition. I played the original release on PS3 when it came out, and loved it. However when it was announced that the Armored Edition would be released for Wii U, I was quite excited. The features of the Wii U Gamepad are so much more interactive, enveloping to the Batman experience, and much more gratifying than the PS3 version. It's a completely different game, and I enjoy innovation and creativity enough to replay the title many times. If a game is high quality enough, it will be worth replaying... even worth repurchasing to play it with the next level of depth. If the game comes out in the future, revamped for a PC version fully supported for Oculus Rift, you can bet I'll purchase it a third time.

Additionally, I've owned all Nintendo's Systems since NES (except the Virtual Boy) as well as all Sega and Sony consoles since the mid 80's. The one thing that keeps me coming back to all consoles is EXCLUSIVES. No other consoles can play Nintendo's franchise, and there are boatloads more franchises on Nintendo that I enjoy than any other system. Countless others seem to feel the same way.

User Info: lonlonmilklover

4 years ago#146

"Third, you've got the main selling point, the controller. It's a great controller that's superbly designed and fairly innovative to boot, but it's ultimately just another gimmick. The system with a gimmick technique worked out well for the Wii at first, but after a couple years people tired of it. The motion controls of the Wii were pretty cool, but it was something that appealed mainly to casual gamers and not so much to the hardcore gamers like myself. <SNIP>"

Just a gimmick that people tired of? The Wii was the last of the big three consoles to release in the 7th generation and it has remained on top after 6 years. Doesn't look like people quickly grew tired of it. Additionally, your use of "hardcore gamers" vs "casual gamers" is moot. Those terms mean nothing from one person to the next. To some "hardcore" means playing Mature titled games, and "Casual" means playing Bejewelled. To others like myself, "hardcore" means video games is a primary hobby that you take part in quite often and enjoy covering all content games have to offer - whereas "casual" means you play them once in a while, or complete the story / campaign of a title then quickly move on to the next. It's all about the amount of time spent to me.

All in all, none of your points are well thought out or have any substantial foundations other than just skepticism/inexperience with the console.

User Info: darkjedilink

4 years ago#147
AgitoXIII posted...
darkness1018 posted...
Considering that the system can still be found at Best Buy, Gamestop and Target when the Wii was sold out everywhere from release until after Xmas, id say yea, its not selling like they thought it would. Im in NYC and had no problem finding a WiiU in any of the stores i mentioned. I bought one from Gamestop, they had a whole display behind the counter. Bestbuy had a whole display on a shelf as did Target. My friend is a manager in Gamestop and even she said the system didnt sell as well as she thought it would. She was told to make a huge display of the system and games behind the counter to boost sales. I posted that in another thread. While i dont think this will be Nintendos last home system i do think its not going to do as well as the Wii. Most gamers have learned their lesson from buying a Wii and are not willing to take another gamble. They should have removed the "Wii" name from the system altogether and called it something else to show gamers its another system and not just a Wii rehash.

I absolutely agree with this post. This is about dead on.

I predicted the U would have issues and I'm sticking to my guns on this one.

So, you both completely ignore the fact that there were only half as many Wii's available at launch through Christmas as there are of Wii Us and declare yourselves right for no reason whatsoever?
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User Info: goemon1977

4 years ago#148
I didn't buy my Wii U for the third party titles. That is what I have my PS3 and 360 for. I bought it for the first party games and that is all, the first party games are worth the price of admission.
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User Info: lightningbugx

4 years ago#149
Nintendo is an intelligent and responsible company. Nintendo is always prepared for bad weather. So far, only one console failed. Nintendo had a major success with the Wii. Nintendo has the finances to survive 2 sequential failures. Regardless of each system's popularity, Nintendo's only failure was the Virtual Boy, and they are in great shape today.

The only way this will be Nintendo's last console is if the world ends. And if the Wii U does not perform well, Nintendo will have another console waiting.

User Info: 1shadetail1

4 years ago#150
princespawn posted...
You might as well be saying the same toward flea markets, yard sales, and used sales altogether...

On the one hand, that is a point that proves used games in general aren't actually the problem.

On the other hand, it still fails to address the actual problem: retail-level used games sales a-la Gamestop.

It's not that used games are some kind of moral hazard, it's that stores, particularly Gamestop, have changed the used games marketplace. It *used to be* nothing but flea markets, yard sales, and kids selling their used junk to their school-mates. But now there's a powerful "middle-man", the retail stores, that streamline the process of connecting buyers and sellers, and they've done so in a way where they get a very healthy "commission".

And yes, it is at least potentially a huge negative impact on the developers and publishers, because if used copies of their games are so readily available, far fewer customers will bother to buy new. Just how big the impact is, I don't think anybody actually knows. But it is a legitimate concern.
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