Sadly, I'm pretty sure this will be Nintendo's last console. WARNING: Long topic

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User Info: ish0turfac3

4 years ago#161
sellout to sony?? Who has almost no money? LOL.. tc you said you knew what you were talking about.. liar.
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User Info: leeko_link

4 years ago#162
Spike posted...
Before I start, I should get a couple things out of the way. First of all, I'm 28 years old(although I don't act like it most of the time, mostly due to having the curse that is Asperger's Syndrome. Lucky me.) and have been a huge Nintendo fan since the age of 3, when I started playing video games. My first system was the NES, and I own every single Nintendo system that's been released since then(all of them from when they were still current), with the exception of the Virtual Boy, 3DS, and this one(I do plan on getting all of these eventually, although getting my hands on a Virtual Boy in good condition will no doubt be a difficult task). I also own many other non-Nintendo systems. In all I own 17 systems. Yeah, people with asperger's syndrome tend to be pretty passionate/obsessive when it comes to their interests.

My point in mentioning everything above is that I know what I'm talking about. So before someone posts in here assuming I don't, think again!

Now that all of that is out of the way, back to the topic at hand(and hopefully you can look past my horrible punctuation, lol). I feel like this is the last Nintendo console. This looks like it's going to turn out to be the best Nintendo console since the N64, but I have a feeling that sales-wise it's going to end up being very similar to the GameCube. I've felt this way since this system was first revealed, and right away it's starting to come true. In it's first 7 days on sale, it's sold significantly worse then the Wii did in it's first 7 days. The question is, why is this and what is to become of Nintendo? I believe I know the answer.

The Why: The reason for the disappointing sales is that this is essentially nothing more then a Wii rehash. This is something that everyone can see quite clearly, and it's certainly not a good thing. Sure, it's different in some ways, but the differences aren't enough.

First, you've got the high definition and this new WiiTV feature that's coming out soon. The problem is that this is the same kind of stuff people have had with the PS3 and 360 for several years now. It's nothing new. It's only new for Nintendo.

Second, you've got the more hardcore games being released for the system that the Wii never had. That's awesome, but for most I feel it's far too late. Most hardcore gamers who would have loved to see those kinds of titles on the Wii have went ahead and bought a PS3 or 360. Now that they have access to those titles, what's the point in buying a Wii U for the same games they can get on those other systems? The graphics may be better on the Wii U versions, but that won't be enough to encourage most hardcore gamers to buy a Wii U. Too little to late.

continued below


Microsoft and Sony rehash their Xbox and PlayStation brand lots of time, you don't see them falling anytime soon so why would Nintendo?


All those core games that Sony and Microsoft had aside from their own 1st party lineup were also available on PC, so why do ppl still play them on consoles when they could had bought the PC versions since everyone got a PC anyways. Same reason for Wii U, it doesn't matter of platform, only preference. Some ppl could only afford so much and for only a few consoles. There may even be others who had never play a Wii U version before and want to try that or some prefer it better on a console over a PC or vice-versa. You could say what's the point of buying console titles when you could play them all on PC, with all them Steam, Onlive, OS, emulators, and stuffs.

User Info: MANTI5

4 years ago#163
Sony is failing, their gaming division is dieing, their stocks have been downgraded to junk status, and the vita is a joke. Not trolling at all when I say the PS4 is their last hope so they better make the right decisions or it will be just MS and Nintendo.

User Info: leeko_link

4 years ago#164
Spike posted...
Third, you've got the main selling point, the controller. It's a great controller that's superbly designed and fairly innovative to boot, but it's ultimately just another gimmick. The system with a gimmick technique worked out well for the Wii at first, but after a couple years people tired of it. The motion controls of the Wii were pretty cool, but it was something that appealed mainly to casual gamers and not so much to the hardcore gamers like myself. To make matters worse, they were overused and tacked-on in so many of the games that what started out as a gimmick to hook players ultimately became mostly a curse for hardcore games everywhere. It caused the Wii to quickly become a casual gamers system only. The Wii U's controller looks to be round 2 of that, but it won't lead to the same early success the Wii had with it's motion controls. For casual gamers, stuff like that is treated like a cool fad, and once they've had their fill, most of them will be done with it for the most part. They had their fill with the Wii, and most of them probably won't be buying the Wii U. That leaves(for the most part) only the hardcore Nintendo fans that are willing to give Nintendo a second chance.

The Future of Nintendo: I see the Wii U being a small success, but not enough for Nintendo to keep up with the competition in the console department. They will end up making portable gaming systems only. They will most likely be offered buyouts by both Sony and Microsoft. They will not accept Sony's offer, but may possibly take Microsoft's.


Well gimmick or not, it's a new product that ppl wants to try and even if they don't they had like five to six years to try it before they would see another one. It's not every gen that gamers get to play with the same controller with Nintendo consoles. The reason most ppl play Nintendo controller every gen was to try the new ways they offer the gaming world and in their games, not about playing an updated Super NES controller every gen in the same updated rehash of games.

The end of Nintendo would only happen if Nintendo makes a fool of themselves and started making bad decision similar to Sega and Atari.

Strike 1 - Console Launch: a disappointing console launch is okay but a rush one or a surprise one is a regret that even Sega can't redeem, if Nintendo follow this direction then they will surely be on their way to disaster.

Strike 2 - Relationship: angering developers, breaking ties with retailers, hating their other branches (NOJ - Japan, NOE - Europe, NOAS - Asia, NOAU - Aussie), making useless add-ons or products (the Vitality Sensor and Virtual Boy for example) confusing consumers, treating their affiliates like craps, controversial ads against the competitor, anything of the likes related to these will surely backfire on Nintendo if they go this route.

Strike 3 - Support: cancelling a game that should had been made despite hype from fans, selling products twice the amount of price it should had been, not resolving customer's complaint on issues that could be resolved, failing to give a response regarding a product not meeting its deadline, trolling customers, anything that they do that seems as a negative in the eyes of the consumers and others.

Other Strike - Marketing: Good marketing is awesome, bad marketing is where it all matters. If customer don't see an interest in a product, then it won't sell. If the product doesn't sell, then Nintendo won't be able to make revenues out of that product thus leading to bankruptcy and in terms to either a buyout or a non-existence completely.

Not a Strike: Nintendo won't just die (or go 3rd party) simply because a certain someone doesn't like them a.k.a. Michael Pachter, some of those ppl from GT and GameSpot, my older brother, developers who choose not to support Nintendo for that gen, etc.

User Info: julbull73

4 years ago#165
MANTI5 posted...
Sony is failing, their gaming division is dieing, their stocks have been downgraded to junk status, and the vita is a joke. Not trolling at all when I say the PS4 is their last hope so they better make the right decisions or it will be just MS and Nintendo.

They made a lot of bad calls for the PS3 that's for sure. I do hope they learn from it for the PS4.

Honestly, if Sony just calls Square/Enix gets them to make an ultra HD FFVII and/or FFVIII remake exclusively for the PS4, you can call GG on the next console wars.

Of course, that'll never happen.

User Info: Squished_Mario

4 years ago#166
Watch out! A wild assbergers appeared!
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User Info: StrangerAeons

4 years ago#167
Asperger's Syndrome

User Info: ILikesCheese

4 years ago#168
He's like that guy on The Big Bang Theory (which I don't watch but always see commercials for during Sunday NFL games), just not as funny. Or as smart.

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User Info: trollhunter2

4 years ago#169
I think Nintendo should have called it the Super Nintendo U. I agree that the name "Wii" could be very irritating for consumers
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User Info: townparkradio

4 years ago#170
LinkSSJ6 posted...
If 10 months from now you're proven wrong I'm gonna give you a free liposuction to get my revenge on your gut for lying to me.

Ten months from now? He's already proven wrong right now. The sales for the thing are doing very very well. It's Sony who needs to get on the ball or die.
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