Wii U sold 400k units during Black Friday, 360 sold 750k during the same period

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User Info: metroid888

4 years ago#191
it only sold 400k units cause that was all there was.. the deluxe units sold out on the 18th and within minutes of being put out on shelves whenever they were back in. if there would've been 3 million wii u deluxe consoles then 3 million would've sold. i know where I work I've told WAY more people we don't have wii u than actually sold xboxs
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User Info: gumbyxcore99

4 years ago#192
keyblade_lord posted...

Average of 300 and 350 is 325, not 315. So Nintendo actually made $130,000,000.

well nobody ever said my math skills were perfect
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User Info: MichyMaster

4 years ago#193
BurgerTime79 posted...
That's nice.

Of course you're not taking into account all the people who likely needed to get new systems, the parent who bought 4GB systems for their kids with a kinect, and the fact that they practically handed the systems out like candy to people.
Let's not also forget the fact that the Wii U just launched and isn't as known in the public eye as much as the 360 has been.

Funny thing is, the 360 is still the only system out right now besides the Vita that I don't own.

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User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#194
ColorfulColors posted...
Didn't the DS only sell 250,000 units near its launch? And i don't see how THATS a failure.


This thread isn't suppose to make sense.
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User Info: Jinxey86

4 years ago#195
You care comparing a system that is now almost 1/3 of the price of the Wii U, it is any parent who doesn't have it for there kids yet buying it for them or anyone who didn't have one yet buying it. So it is obvious why it sold more because of the major low price.
Jason Hart Maivia 4 years ago#196
I dislike this topic. Nintendo didn't put out as many units in the first week. They are basically sold out until stock is replenished. Unfair comparisons of sales are stupid, no matter the product.
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User Info: CoolFangs

4 years ago#197
The 360 is like 3 times cheaper than the Wii U at this stage. Not to even mention that it's near impossible to find one. If their had been more, more would have sold.
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User Info: megax11

4 years ago#198
Ateas posted...
Jesus you people are petty. It's a game console. You don't win anything if your console "wins," nor do you gain anything if the competitor "loses." Quit acting like console success and failure means anything to anyone who isn't manufacturing them and play what you enjoy. I see at least one topic like this under the "Popular Topics" on the front page every day, and it's pathetic.

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Broke fanboys are only here, because their favorite system is boring them at the moment. That, and they're too butthurt, because they can't afford to be gamers, just fanboys.
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User Info: IanNottinghamX

4 years ago#199
Dont forget Microsoft has that 99 dollar scam with the Xboxs to pay for a 2 year Xbox live subscription....those stats leave that part out....
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User Info: C0RY_07

4 years ago#200
Am I the only one who was bothered by the "simple math" error?

Anyway, the huge price gap and game library were very pivotal in sales listed. Also just because a console sales for more doesn't mean that you are making more than a console selling for less. Gross does not equal net.
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