A man can dream: WiiU titles you'd like to see.

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User Info: LordBowser

4 years ago#61
Kromlech06 posted...
Might as well make a positive speculation topic we can all participate in and enjoy right?

ITT we post titles and concepts that are not announced anywhere that you'd like to see happen on WiiU, no matter how much of a pipedream. Add a description if you want, who cares!

Mario Galaxy 1+2 HD collection
Mario Galaxy 3
Xenoblade HD
Pokemon Stadium 3 (with 5 player minigames using gamepad, supports every game on DS)
Pokemon Snap 2
Fatal Frame 6 (takes pictures of your face at every ghost encounter and saves them, shows them to you after every chapter)
Star Fox WiiU
Metroid Universe (think Hunters on DS but with 3ds crossplay, and online)
Conker's Other Bad Fur Day
F-Zero (can't think of a title that wouldn't be too close to saying F U)
DC and GC virtual console with Powerstone 2, WW, etc
PSO2 WiiU Edition (free DL, same Arc Points System as PC)
Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 3 (2p with dual gamepad support for inventory management and minimap)
Forgotten Realms D&D WiiU (4 players on wiimote+chuck or CCP do a dungeon crawl, 1 player on gamepad spawn monsters, set traps, etc to stop them)

The list goes on and on.

Yea, I know some of these are downright impossible, hence the topic title.

I don't know some of these, but I agree with nearly all of this.

Obviously the Rare game in that list is impossible, and I don't like your description of 'Metroid Universe". I hated Metroid Prime: Hunters except that it was a great FPS where the DS lacked them. It was fun multiplayer and great for that reason, but a terrible Metroid game. I'd love multiplayer co-op, and battle in the style of Prime.

I'd love for them to make a new Prime game or series, it was pretty amazing. Certainly better than the s*** that was Other M, but let's not go there today.
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