How hard is it to make realistic graphics?

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User Info: RyuuHou25

4 years ago#151
Mixorz posted...
slickvic1990 posted...
there are plenty of games that offer what you are looking for. there's no need for Nintendo to drastically change their franchises just to cater to certain demographic.

Sorry but they should change their games. Zelda has been basically the same for their last 3 consoles. It's what fans want and it's what will sell. I'm sorry but G rated rainbows don't cut it for entertainment value. Most of you think you owe Nintendo something and have to support them no matter what, but remember its your money, don't be afraid to buy other things. I just recently played Assassins Creed, can't help but think that's how Zelda should be.

Been the same for a lot longer than 3 old are you exactly?? Nintendo is not going to change their core games, no matter how much you convince yourself that's what the "fans" want.
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User Info: Lethal13

4 years ago#152
At first i thought TC was joking by acting like the typical MOAR BLOOD, SEX AND REALISTIC GRAPHICS people who troll around her every so often so then I laughed...

Then I slowly realised TC was serious and then I laughed even harder.

User Info: Snackbait

4 years ago#153
If you want a M rated zelda buy the franchise from nintendo build a game company,or ask other game company to make the game.
Ad everything you like such violence,blood and give sex scene with zelda and publish it,then if it sell millions your right they should change it if not then your wrong.

User Info: MotiJr

4 years ago#154
They don't have to do anything. If your manliness is dependant on the graphics your games have, you have more deep rooted issues. If you want to experience truly realistic graphics, try walking outside once in a while. Fresh air might do you some good too.
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User Info: oxnerd

4 years ago#155
There's Playstation FOUR, obviously not planning to change anything, not that I'm complaining. How many call of dudies are there? Which Halo are we on? Nintendo is the last thing that you should be complaining about with change and stubbornness. Nintendo probably changed the most.

User Info: RE4_Fan

4 years ago#156
Twilight Princess got an MA15+ where I live for Fantasy Violence.... =P

User Info: Foppe

4 years ago#157
TC should play Darksiders, probably the best M-rated Zelda clone that will ever be made.
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User Info: No_Name_Steve

4 years ago#158
Mixorz posted...
Not exactly, but a sign of aging and maturity is that things that entertained you when you were seven are not very entertaining anymore. If a grown man was watching Yu Gi Oh, most adults would think they have serious problems and are borderline pedo. Are you telling me you really think Mario is entertaining if you found it entertaining at a young age? I played the very first Mario game when I was about 5-6, sorry but I've grown up and it really isn't all that fun.

To paraphrase someone who I can't presently remember, "Maturity is not making fun of the things you did as a child, it is admitting you still do them".

EDIT: I was paraphrasing C.S. Lewis. Good on ya Lord_Kagato :)
Didn't realise there were so many pages before posting :P
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User Info: Onikyuubi

4 years ago#159
Here you go TC, I'm sure this "mature" Mario will be a lot more to your liking now.

Yeah, no.

User Info: Poltergust

4 years ago#160
You know, the Sonic series went for the more "mature" look you're talking about here, TC. Guns, swearing, realistic-like graphics, dark and complicated storylines...

And it almost killed the franchise.

Some things just shouldn't change.

(In case people were wondering, I'm specifically talking about Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic '06.)
I find sports video games to be the ultimate in irony and redundancy.-Kahai
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