Will Sony and Microsoft copy Nintendo... again?

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User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

4 years ago#41
s2good posted...
TBF Everyone in the electronic business copies. I mean look at Samsung and apple iphone.

Just glad that Samsung S3 came out the winner, but that's for a different board.


Apparently Apple copied too much, LOL
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User Info: The U

The U
4 years ago#42
XSilverPhoenixX posted...
First of all, Sony did this first with PSP on the PS3 and the Vita can also act as a controller. So this was not ripping Nintendo off at all regardless of what you think.

You could use up to 4 Gameboy Advances as controllers with Zelda: 4 Swords, connected to a GameCube, in 2003.

User Info: Chan Tanaka

Chan Tanaka
4 years ago#43
Sony's famous of copying Nintendo. So yeah, they definitely will. Sonyfans will be funny, as usual, because the Wii U features they currently mock, will be the features they praise when PS4 comes out.

Microsoft will probably copy Nintendo, but I have a feeling they'll do something a little different to make it their own. Like the Kinect, which is clearly inspired by Wii, but Microsoft made it their own by removing the controller altogether unlike lol Sony which just directly copied Wii Remotes.
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