Should I buy Super Mario Bros. Wii U physically or digitally?

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User Info: MarioMan847

4 years ago#71
Video games are awesome.

User Info: Soanevalcke6

4 years ago#72
The only games I could think of that would be reasonable to get digital would be something like Animal Crossing.
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User Info: Phange_2

4 years ago#73
I got it digitally because I'll get $6 back in december.

And it's more convenient.
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User Info: chrfour

4 years ago#74
What if I want to sell my physical copy, then later decide to download the digital version? Does my save data still work? I would assume so since everything is saved on the console, but you know what they say when one assumes...
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User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

4 years ago#75
LordBowser posted...
P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N posted... can trade in a physical copy...

Why would you? I can't fathom people 'selling' copies to Gamestop for store credit, and for dimes to the dollar (Not exaggerating).

I've only ever sold one game back, and it was to Funcoland at that. It was Excitebike 64, and it was not because I was bored of the game but it pissed me off so bad that I wanted to sell it because I hated it that much. Even then, I got a decent amount of money back on it.

If you even have the tiniest chance of ever playing a game again, or even mildly enjoy having the game in your library/collection, you shouldn't sell it, ever. I don't understand why people do this. You may as well throw/give them away.

Gamestop is the only store that does trade in credit? Amazing, Game shop here that's locally owned gives you 2/3rd of their used price in credit. Seems fair enough without the hassle of selling it yourself.

Why keep games that you no longer play? Trying to build a collection to show off to your GF who will LOL at you?
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User Info: agammon

4 years ago#76
I went digital. Its the kind of game that I know I will go back to from time to time and its nice just having it installed and ready to go. I find myself jumping in and playing a level before and after I play other games, which is honestly something I wouldn't do if I had to change discs out.

User Info: CoolmanC

4 years ago#77
As long as the content is tied to the system I will not buy digital no matter how much I want to.
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User Info: The_Nega_Shadow

4 years ago#78
After reading through this topic and reading all the posts supporting digital, I am not convinced that digital is the superior option here. It seems like the only reason anyone in this topic prefers digital is because... they don't want to swap discs. Seriously, how lazy do you even have to BE to think that SWAPPING DISCS is too much effort? I'm the laziest person I know and even i'm not that lazy.
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User Info: Poweranimals

4 years ago#79
Physical. If you download digitally and your Wii U dies, then you've lost the game as well.

User Info: SkriblZz

4 years ago#80
I got physical. I like seeing all of my games. So I can look at what I want to play. Plus I just like the blue cases, they are purdy. :B
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