Should I buy Super Mario Bros. Wii U physically or digitally?

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User Info: R2BDSi

4 years ago#91
Digital, get with times now.

User Info: fa113nH3r0

4 years ago#92
DarkAdonis123 posted...
stop3 posted...
The phrase "first world problems" is pretty condescending.

A problem is a problem, whatever culture you belong to. Everybody all over the world has both big and little problems.

That is not true at all. Is "I don't wanna get up and take 5 seconds to swap my game disc" in the same league as dying from cancer? Yes, i know using cancer as an example is extreme, but I needed an extreme example to show you that all problems are not created equal. I think that even claiming such a trivial thing is worthy of being labeled a problem at all is far more condescending than anything I've said.

I'm very fortunate. I live a very good life. But I wouldn't dare take any it for granted because I could've just as easily been born somewhere else in a different set of circumstances. are being so dramatic.

if given the choice to have my gaming collection at the touch of my finger or not im going to take the convenient way. It has nothing to do with discs being a 'problem' so calm down. To each their own my friend.
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User Info: gamereviewgod

4 years ago#93
Bufkus posted...

Tin foil hat much? You are quick to bring up scary spooky scenarios but none of that has occurred and there would be a massive revolt if it did occur with one of the major content providers.

Nope. Xbox Live (original) died. All of that content is gone. There was a small issue that no one covered because so few bought their content digitally on that hardware.

The same thing already happened with movies and music and nobody cares.

And that's okay? People have become used to treating their content as disposable, and that's HUGE problem. It's never okay to lose content you paid for.

Besides, in your stolen system scenario, a thief is just as likely to steal physical games as well. I would have to rebuy those too. Truthfully we don't know what Nintendo's policy is when it comes to stolen systems, its possible that they will relinquish your account back provided you can prove it.

A thief would have a harder time stealing 50 physical games as opposed to one system with 50 games on it, but that's semantics. Again, home insurance will cover your content if you have documentation. I have a rider on mine to cover my collection in case of loss. Not so much with digital.

But my point is that NNIDs can be transfered, but Nintendo has to be involved in the process. This ridiculous notion that once you create an NNID its tied to that console forever is silly. Your NNID is in Nintendo's database. They can do whatever they want with it, including transfering it to a new system.

And yet, with physical copies, I don't need to deal with Nintendo at all. I can upgrade my hardware, not redownload anything to sap my bandwidth cap, not deal with potential license concerns, or wait while they sort it out - assuming of course they will. Have you read the EULA regarding their digital software? Can you quote where they officially state it's no locked?
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