What would like changed in future updates to the OS/User Interface?

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User Info: shadestreet

4 years ago#1
Curious the things you have come across which are nonsensical, counterintuitive, or downright poor in design choice:

1) Load times between menus need to be minimized

2) Why can't you use your Club Nintendo account when setting up directly? Intead you have create a new account, then later link that account to your club Nintendo account. Makes no sense and you have to change screens.

3) The Wii menu. This simply shouldn't exist. You shouldn't have to enter a virtual Wii dashboard to play Wii games, Virtual console, etc - this is horrible. Also signals that there will be no further support for the existing VC.

4) Separation of managing friend requests from the Miiverse

5) Updates for apps are not automatically done in the background/overnight

6) Updates for apps poorly handled: Example, you open Netflix, apparently it needs an update. Already there is a problem - would be nice if there was a notification (like an asterisk) on the icon so you at least new it was required. Then you open Netflix, are informed you need to update. Rather than just force this, they give you a misleading option to skip and start the software - why is this even possible? You wind up cancelling the update only to open software which is unusable until you perform the update. Makes no sense.

7) The "time to update" is laughable - obviously we are used to these "time to download" messages being inaccurate, but Wii U takes this to a whole new level - you will see jumps from 3 minutes, 3 seconds, 19 minutes, 1 second, <1 minute in a matter of seconds - then you get "3 seconds remaining" and it stays there for 5 minutes. This is obviously the least of my complaints, but why even put the time there if they can't get it right? Just show mario jumping on coins or something like the VC.

User Info: picano

4 years ago#2
I mostly agree, but a few things.

2) I believe Club Nintendo is regional while NNIDs are not. If anything, things are going to head towards using only NNID --- didn't they also say the 3DS was going to get an update for this?

3) I disagree simply on the standpoint that I'd like to hack my Wii U mode like the my real Wii. (It's possible now, but troublesome) I need my Brawl customizations back. :D --- That and I see no issue with dropping current VC support, though, I'd hope they allow (free) upgrades to whatever the Wii U Incarnations of VC games.

4) Making the 'friend list' a section of Miiverse instead of a separate app would be great! (Though, I only once ever visited the friend list --- and that was the initial setup!)

5) I think the downloads can be done in the background --- pretty sure my Nintendo Land update downloaded. As far as installations, those should remain user prompted --- lessens the chance of unplugging at the wrong time.

6) Not sure about Netflix, but I liked the Nintendo Land prompt where I was allowed to download and/or skip it before starting.

7) It's laughable yes, but it's not something that's easily calculated and can vary especially on unstable connections. (Hell, windows is still pretty bad at this)
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User Info: NeojianX

4 years ago#3
What would like changed in future updates to the OS/User Interface?

Do you mean in the year 2000, Conan?

In the year 2000! In the year 2000. : )
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User Info: TechniMyoko

4 years ago#4

Get rid of the Wii restore and put everything in wiius like they did for 3ds

Support portrait mode in the web browser

Custom soundtracks
Cross game chat, text at least

A trophy system that unlocks Wii costume parts
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