What u most looking forward to? New Mario 3D or Zelda?

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User Info: Jonbazookaboz

4 years ago#1

Nintendo are working on both new games and built the wii u around them they said. Zelda is Nintendos most expensive, technical and ambitious game ever too.

What excites you the most?

Im sayin Mario.
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User Info: d0minicandude

4 years ago#2
Mario, hoping its as amazing as Galaxy 2 :-)

User Info: Archsaze

4 years ago#3
I am definitely looking forward to the Zelda. Not even a question. Can't wait!!!

User Info: MachineLove

4 years ago#4
HD Zelda, so hard.
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User Info: Oni_Taedo

4 years ago#5
A Zelda as big as RDR, but with stuff to do?! YES PLEASE!
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User Info: fon1988

4 years ago#6
I'm about equally looking forward to both of them.

I'm hoping the new 3D Mario game is a big open world game, but I'd still be happy with a linear game like Galaxy 1 and 2.

Zelda has never disappointed me and I cannot wait to see how an HD title turns out.

User Info: ZeroSHEARER

4 years ago#7
An I evil if I say Bayonetta 2? On topic out of those I'm gonna say new Zelda as I've finally started getting the Zelda 'logic' after all this time. :)
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User Info: ManuKesna

4 years ago#8
From: MachineLove | #004
HD Zelda, so hard.
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User Info: themegaman7

4 years ago#9
I really don't care for either, sepecially zelda. I'm waiting to see if Nintendo manages to grow some ballz and release new F-Zero, Fire Emblem and 2D Metroid for example.
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User Info: Bufkus

4 years ago#10
Zelda, cause I'm kinda burnt out on Mario now, and I always preferred his 2d adventures to his 3d ones anyway.
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