For who else is this Nintendo's first console that you're "waiting to see" with?

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  3. For who else is this Nintendo's first console that you're "waiting to see" with?

User Info: asher1611

5 years ago#11
JKSonic posted...
asher1611 posted...
NES: Xmas gift
SNES: Xmas gift
N64: Xmas gift
GCN: Launch despite having a broken hand
Wii: Launch w/o preorder!
WiiU: Waiting

If you count handhelds, the number ticks up to 3 with the DS -- which I got rid of a few weeks later, repurchased years later, then sold back.

Almost exactly for me. Well, besides the broken hand and the fact that even though the N64 was technically a Christmas present we got it 3 days before launch (so I canceled my TRU preorder) and I was allowed to play it for a couple hours before stashing it away until Christmas.

Fortunately the gamecube controller was so awesome that I could pretty much use it with my cast (Except for the shoulder button).

And I guess I should be more specific with my gift times: NES was around 87-88. SNES was in its first year of availability. N64 was the year orcarina came out (96?) -- which I know this because my mom took me into the store to make sure she got what I wanted, and I had to wait what felt like forever to open it.

User Info: trenken

5 years ago#12
JKSonic posted...
Just curious and didn't see this poll when I searched (so sorry if I missed it).

For me I bought three at launch (Wii, GC, N64), two soon after (SNES, NES) and I'm "waiting and seeing" with the Wii U.

Lol, I bought the U, and Im also waiting to see what they do with it. Right now Im not convinced the controller will offer much of anything that will excite me since this is actually just a giant DS, and the DS came out a longgg time ago. It's really not something entirely new at all, so although I did buy it since Im a sucker and buy everything anyway, Im still not sold on it.
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User Info: SebVettel

5 years ago#13
I'm waiting to see what the future brings with the Wii U, since there isn't too many games I'm interested in at the moment and I have mostly been playing older games (PS2/GCN/Xbox gen or older) that I've missed out on (these games are also cheaper).

User Info: Buretsu

5 years ago#14
I bought my DS shortly after launch, and a similar story with the 3DS.
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User Info: GM_

5 years ago#15
Quote:"Then the Wii wasn't for you. Just because you weren't happy with it that doesn't mean other people weren't."

Did I say it was impossible for anybody to be happy? It was a direct response to you saying it's silly to question Nintendo. I was proving it's not silly at all to at least question them.


You proved nothing. You stated an opinion. Not a fact.
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User Info: Sol_Clyde

5 years ago#16
Nintendo 64 was the only console I got at launch.

And its launch sucked.
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  3. For who else is this Nintendo's first console that you're "waiting to see" with?

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