Wait so apparently the Wii U is very underpowered at 1.7 ghz?

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  3. Wait so apparently the Wii U is very underpowered at 1.7 ghz?

User Info: Lozh900

4 years ago#21
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
Obviously the CPU is not that great, if it was something to brag about Nintendo would promote it, they promote the controller. Hell, we know everything in it because they've told us but they're not sharing much about the inner workings of the Wii U console itself.

It's lower end, look at the Wii if that's any proof on the direction they're going and if the system could produce some serious games Nintendo would have personally had a tech demo showing casing it, a real one. Not the Zelda demo that could have been done years ago on a 360.

It's just simple observation to know the Wii U is not powerful at all when you think of a next generation system, you can post and spew off the non-sense about ghz don't mean nothing, which they don't but are you seriously saying they used a top of the line processor? or anything remotely good?

Developers are going on and on about how weak the CPU is, but yet the Nintendo fans find every shred of hope that makes them believe the CPU is more than it is, just get over it. It's not and deal with it. You don't need a high powered system to play a 2D mario

And yet the gamecube was more powerful than the ps2 yet nintendo never boasted about those specs

hmm, why is that?? because higehr or lower, nintendo never brag about the specsa of their systems and never have.

Thye snes was lower spec than the megadrive (genesis) and it still outpwerformed it in sales and gameplay.

nintendo are out for gaming like sony whilst microsoft do their "lets get kinect and be casual 2" and failing.

only difference is sony do brag about specs.
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User Info: LordBowser

4 years ago#22
sonyfanboy992 posted...
that's terrible.

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  3. Wait so apparently the Wii U is very underpowered at 1.7 ghz?

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