Club Nintendo With Console???

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User Info: s2good

4 years ago#1
I'm looking at my stuff it came with, and there is no grey box to scratch off for the PIN. Only on my games i bought :S

is it only on the Games then?
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User Info: Castleman2

4 years ago#2
You have to enter the serial number on the system.
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User Info: tanuki1980

4 years ago#3
You need to take it online and link it with your Club Nintendo account.

User Info: LordBowser

4 years ago#4
After connecting my Club Nintendo account online, I saw that there was a survey available for it on my account.

Try checking there. It should be there. And it's limited by time, maybe 1-2 weeks at most for the +160 coins, which is nothing to sneeze at.
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