I'm currently not enjoying my Wii U experience.

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User Info: sting__art

4 years ago#1
Let me start off by saying that the Wii U itself is a great system, really no complaints but only praise. I see a lot of potential in the Miiverse and i'll be quick to make a lot of friends once great online games come out.

I got 1 game because i am not interested in the rest of them. That game is Nintendoland. Oh man that game bored me right from the start when that one armed T.V. screen girl started yapping away. Her endless explanations, i don't want to hear her crap. This girl makes Navi look like Midna. Thats how much i hate her.

I am having tons of fun with 3+ players, but the singleplayer and multiplayer leave me wanting for more. If it had online mode i'd be playing on my Wii U instead of typing this haha.

TL;DR: Wii U, get yourself some awesome games i can play. The current ones don't interest me at all.

User Info: sentoworf

4 years ago#2
this is why i wait until more games are released
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User Info: MeanKirbyFan_1

4 years ago#3
That''s too bad. Sorry that your not enjoying your console yet, but it will get some better games along the way.

User Info: TrueBlue91

4 years ago#4
Then you're immediately a Sony fanboy and a troll.
Pour grammer annoy's me

User Info: Stealthlys

4 years ago#5
just wait till feb 2013.

User Info: dark trunks

dark trunks
4 years ago#6
And here I was thinking it was obvious the "one armed TV" was created to be a female.
"If you've got yourself a dream, work hard, believe in yourself because I know dreams can come true."- Dennis DeYoung 1997

User Info: TheRealistKilla

4 years ago#7
Nintendoland is an okay game. it's more so a tech demo of what the Wii u can do.

For me - I've found joy playing New Super Mario Wii U. Greatest 2D mario game since SMW. After this game i'm thinking i'll move on to Madden or NBA 2k13. We need more Nintendo quality software though. Pikmin 3 needs to get here fast.
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User Info: Schwietz

4 years ago#8
I bought a system with no games i want. Why am i bored??? I got the tech demo!
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User Info: sting__art

4 years ago#9
dark trunks posted...
And here I was thinking it was obvious the "one armed TV" was created to be a female.


User Info: teknic1200

4 years ago#10
um, mario?
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