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User Info: Pendragoon

4 years ago#21
As of today, the PS3. 6 years of games to catch up on and at least another year of releases worth playing. Start with some of the under $20 hits and by the time you finish all of them, the new stuff will be reduced to $20 or less.

The Wii U right now is best for those of us who have been with this generation since the beginning and needed a breath of fresh air. Nothing past March has been announced yet.
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User Info: evecharmeve

4 years ago#22
I'd get the Wii U unless you have like a buddy or something willing to sell you their ps3 for about a 100.

For 300 you get something a lot newer and a lot cooler then a 6 year old console they will probably start rapidly dropping in price when they are ready to announce the new one
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User Info: GreyFoxCasshern

4 years ago#23
If you want anything Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Pikmin, F-Zero, etc. get the Wii U.
Else, look at the games you like/want and pick which has more that you want.

Right now on Wii U there are hardly any people in online modes, at least for Ninja Gaiden and Black Ops 2. That will change with time, but it'll probably be slow until christmas morning, at least.

I wasn't even going to get one until i heard "Bayonetta 2 exclusive", and suddenly I had to have one. I have yet to regret getting it, and use it everyday. Compared to my PS3 which I only touch to remove dust lately.

A decent paperweight would fix that Gamecube though.

User Info: stromvancouver

4 years ago#24
unless you want what the wii u has to offer in the future (monster hunter, smash bros., pikmin 3) get a ps3. The ps3 certainly has lots to offer right now(larger library, movie rentals, bigger online store).
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