Console does not switch on - straight ouf the box

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User Info: qusion

4 years ago#1
Hopefully someone can offer some advice before I take this back to the store.

i purchased a Black Wii U from GAME today and have just tried to set it up at my aunts. The Game Pad appears to work fine but the console itself does not power on.

The standby light is on and the disc light illuminates when a disc is inserted into the edge of the slot; but is not automatically ulled in - obviously I haven't tried to force the disc in.

I'm a bit of a loss for anything else to try before I go and shout at the lovely sales assistants.

Thanks Muchly

User Info: knightimex

4 years ago#2
Poorly shipped?

Unplug then plug back in.
Make sure there is no other disc inside
Make sure it's hooked up to TV

Read manual for extra tips.

All else fails call Nintendo or return for exchange.
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User Info: Talicus

4 years ago#3
You probably know this already, but you first have to power on the console by pressing the power button and syncing it. Also you have to go through some steps on the GamePad.

Make sure to follow the steps as indicated on the Wii U Quick start guide.
If that doesn't work, exchange it at GAME or call Nintendo.
Please excuse me for my poor English.
Thank you.

User Info: skulldevil1

4 years ago#4
What kind of tv do you have?

User Info: stekim40

4 years ago#5
Step 1: read instruction manual
Step 2: if same problem then take it back to game.
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User Info: skulldevil1

4 years ago#6
If you are not on a HD tv you will need to go trough all the steps than set the tv input to (other) instead of HDMI or else the screen wont appear.

User Info: Cookie_Aroma

4 years ago#7
Someone could have bricked their console by unplugging it during the update, sealed it back in the box, sent it back to the store, and then OP bought the bricked console.

It could happen. . . maybe.

User Info: qusion

4 years ago#8
Yes, that's what I think has happened as well.

Just to clarify upon pressing the poer button nothing happens - the standby light does not change colour and the fan does not start. It's a HD TV as well but I didn't get as far as an settings.

As I noted the gamepad does turn on and appears to be fine.

I'll take this back to the shop on Monday; thanks everyone for taking the time to help; this is the first Nintendo product I've ever had a problem with at all.

User Info: qusion

4 years ago#9
For anyone that's interested: I took this back to GAME today and they were perfectly helpful.The confirmed I hadn't tried to update it, tested it to check it didn't work and then handed over a replacement.The new one now has price of place in the living room and after the lengthy update, is working fine.

First Nintendo product I've had a problem with in twenty years; I wont mind if it's another twenty before I have the next issue!
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