500 games the Wii U needs.

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User Info: 2wingedangel

4 years ago#1
1. Okami HD
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User Info: Shadowbird_RH

4 years ago#2
2: Rune Factory: SomethingLikeFrontierAndNotTidesOfDestiny

Oooh, my first (IIRC) same time post! ...Blah. Editing changes time stamp.
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User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#3
3. GTA5.
Still waiting for Diddy Kong Racing 2
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User Info: Twenty0ne

4 years ago#5
5. Advance Wars Wii U
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User Info: CloudStrife630

4 years ago#6
4) Mother Collection HD

User Info: lp913

4 years ago#7
6) Street Fighter HD Collection
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User Info: SuperShyGuy9000

4 years ago#9
7 Panzer Dragoon U

User Info: RetroFanGirl

4 years ago#10
SuperShyGuy9000 posted...
7 Panzer Dragoon U

and Panzer Dragoon Saga U
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