Nintendo is 3 for 5...

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User Info: P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N

4 years ago#31
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User Info: AkaneJones

4 years ago#32
1) NES wins due to lack of competition, either self created, or simply because it was what revived the video game market.
2) SNES due to being the uncontested upgrade to the NES. Couple that with the same market tactics in place from the NES at the start, and clearly bad marketing by NEC, your only competition Sega didn't stand a chance, Sega CD didn't really help.
3) N64 dropped to second place due to bad buisness practices catching up to themselves. It didn't help they stayed cartridge, it just insured bad blood and trepidation from 3rd parties.
4) NGC dropped to 3rd place due to the stealing of the western market games by MicroSoft. It doesn't matter if it was outright buy out of Rare or the attracting of western PC games way from Nintendo. It also looses to Sony due to Sony being first, and PS2 being the easy upgrade. Things might have gone different if they could have say bought Sega. I imagine have control over all those IPs would have helped. But I'm not sure Nintendo would have wanted the debt from the crappy decision section.
5) Wii win due to casual fad feature, but fails to attract the developers due to handheld split and western PC style games craze wanting mega graphics.
6) WiiU is too early to tell, we can't even guess until next year around this time. We are still in the LOL PS2 has no games phase of WiiU's life. I bet you forgot about that time period, the one before Final Fantasy X.
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