So who else has to plan how they play based on the crappy battery life.

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User Info: Gencoil

4 years ago#81
NEILELLIE posted...
You could pick up the wiiremote and play for hours and hours at a time not having to worry if you have enough battery life left to finish something.

In case you haven't noticed the Wii remote doesn't have a big screen in it or is constantly receiving image data directly from the console. It also doesn't have a microphone or speakers with decent sound quality. || || Xbox LIVE: Nitesoul || PSN: Gencoil

User Info: hawkeye 41

hawkeye 41
4 years ago#82
The battery life doesn't bother me and that's for one reason.

I hate wireless.

Companies are trying to make everything wireless which means more batteries and more worrying about how long its charge will last and how many batteries I have in my house. heck my wireless 360 controller I ended up just keeping its play and charge plugged in all the time.
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User Info: Devil_wings00

4 years ago#83
johnnybazookabo posted...
The only difference between the wii u pad and the xbox and ps3 pads IS the wii u gamepad has an awesome big touchscreen, with camera and great motion sensors. Battery is about the same. The pro controller lasts 80-90 hours. Nothing beats that.

Really? My xbox 360 controller lasts way WAY longer then 3 hours lol Have you ever actually used it? The ps3 controller is even longer then the xbox 360 one. I seriously have to plug in the ps3 one maybe once a week even if I'm gaming a couple hours a night. 3 hours is really short. That being said gaming more then 3 hours straight on a daily basis is kind of extreme. 3 hours isn't much but honestly as long I plugged it in whenever I was done, I doubt I would notice it.
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User Info: Devil_wings00

4 years ago#84
TI_Four posted...
The Wii U Gamepad has the same battery life as any smartphone out there and the 3DS/DS. Most smartphones feature 4 hours of talk or 2 hours of video. A 3DS/DS lasts for about 3-5 hours. I do not know why anyone would call the Wii U Gamepad battery life "crappy" when it is exactly the same as any other similar technology that we can compare it too.

Maybe a couple years ago but modern smart phones have giant whooping batteries in them these days. 8-12 hours talk time in not really uncommon and much longer then 2 hours of video. Heck my 3 year old nexus one has better talk time and video length then what you described ;p
3570k @ 4.6, GTX 580 @ 980/2106, ASUS Sabertooth z77, 8GB G.Skill Sniper 1600MHZ, 2 Mushkin Chronos in raid0, 1TB WD black.

User Info: SaraAB87

4 years ago#85
It takes me at least a month to get through one set of rechargables on my 360 controller. They last for 40+ hours, if you don't get 20-30 hours at the least out of your 360 controller, then you are doing something wrong, or your battery packs are crap. The Play N Charge Kit is crap, don't get those batteries that say they last 6 hours, that is crap. My cousin has the nyko kit and the red light is always on, on her controllers. Buy eneloops and a LaCrosse BC 700 charger, you will get hours upon hours of battery life out of your 360 controller.

I might have to charge my PS3 controller every 2 months, maybe. If I play a lot, then maybe every 2-3 weeks at the very least.

I have had the Wii remote die within 4 hours of playing, in case anyone was wondering, I was playing Endless Ocean Blue World. Yes it was so good that I played for 4 hours without stopping, and then the batteries went red. I was using crappy batteries though. It would have lasted at least 10 hours with eneloops during that game, not that I would play that long.

Video game controllers are the least of my worries when it comes to battery life. But 2-3 hour battery life is unnacceptable for a device that is so expensive like the Wii U. Its just another thing to charge, I have 2 iPod's that need charging constantly, sometimes twice a day if I use them a lot. I also have about 3-4 other devices that have to be charged on at least a regular basis. I am doing more than my fair share of charging here, and I really don't want another device that has to be constantly charged! I have 3 huge power strips, connected to 3 different outlets and even that is not enough to accomodate all my big oversized chargers since each device uses its own charger and every charger manufacturer has to make each power brick as large as possible.

Note: this would be a non-issue if the gamepad could plug into the console to charge via a USB cable. But that cannot happen.
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User Info: Tsutarja495

4 years ago#86
I just plug the AC adaptor into the socket near my bed. Doesn't bother me at all. I'd be more annoyed if I had to use batteries.
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