Wii U doesn not support USB 3.09 HDDs?

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User Info: Izeman

4 years ago#1
Hi everyone.
I tried for the last couple of days to hook up a USB 3.0 320GB external HDD to no avail.
The HDD works fine in Windows AND Mac OS X, but on Wii U sometimes it isn't event detected. When it is, formatting takes just a couple of seconds but then nothing can be transfered and I always end up with a warning message or a stuck console.

Then I plugged in another 40GB 2.5" SATA HDD using an external USB 2.0 box (NOT self powered). It worked flawlessly.

Then I connected and ACER 80 GB USB 2.0 external HDD that uses a Y cable to self-power. It works like a charm.

Then I took a USB 3.0 external box which I'm currently using on my Wii (and it works miracles) and put the 40 GB SATA drive I said before it was working in the USB 2.0 cradle. It didn't work anymore.

Nintendo, did you screw up USB 3.0 compatibility?? Why USB 3.0 HDD is working on a Wii and it is NOT on a Wii U, a console that's just been released on the market and USB 2.0 HHDs are almost gone?? Where am I supposed to find a 500 GB USB 2.0 HDD now??

Nintendo'd better patch this, I'm not interested in USB 3.0 speed, it's ok if the HDDs will work in legacy 2.0, but they HAVE to work even if they are USB 3.0 HDDs.

User Info: TheApd_Returns

4 years ago#2
Nintendo is God, stop trolling

User Info: stekim40

4 years ago#3
USB 3.0 is fully backward compatible, stop lying.
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User Info: jsb0714

4 years ago#4
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User Info: Solid Link

Solid Link
4 years ago#5
There's a chance he's not trolling. But I'm pretty sure it's trolling. Wii U doesn't currently work with USB drives that are larger than 2 TB, so if it's a 2.5 TB USB 3.0, it's gonna have issues. But a USB 3.0 that's 2 TB or less, it'll work with that.
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User Info: Gencoil

4 years ago#6
Now I'm not very tech-savvy, but would it be possible for Nintendo to release a firmware update that adds USB 3.0 support or does it require a complete change in the hardware?
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User Info: Solid Link

Solid Link
4 years ago#7
USB 3.0 uses a different kind of physical connector. Same shape as USB 2.0, but different transfer speed and electrical output. So a firmware update isn't possible. But they are releasing a firmware update for the system to recognize drives larger than 2 TB in size... it just won't be able to utilize more than 2 TB worth of space on the drive.
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User Info: Izeman

4 years ago#8
I'm not trolling, guys.

I spent last night making tests and trying to make that damn HDD work, but I was able to make only "old" USB 2.0 HDDs work.
The fact that I'm just level 25 it's just because I usually don't post.

If you just stop making stupid guesses and look at my profile, it says
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Maybe some of you will still think that I created the account back in 2003 knowing that NINE YEARS LATER I could troll you on a USB 3.0 compatibility on an unforseen console by Nintendo.

For those of you who think I'm saying something useful, instead, I ask you to try and do the same.

Find a spare USB 3.0 HDD, save its content on a PC and try to hook it to the Wii U.

For me the fact that a SATA HDD works in a USB 2.0 cradle and doesn't in a 3.0 cradle is pretty clear. Tonight I hope to have the time to try another USB 3.0 drive. It's quite full, so it may take a while to backup data on a PC, but I'll post my findings on this tread so the best of you can keep on saying I'm trolling.

A software update is definitely possible, since every USB 3.0 device i know is also capable of working in 2.0 mode; still something in my Wii U is getting in the way of correctly handling USB 3.0 devices.

@Solid Link: the connector is physically identical, otherwise those devices wouldn't work on USB 2.0 ports. The connector is different on the device side, and the standard used for 3.0 transfer is different. But when you hook a USB device up to a USB port, the device says "Hey, I'm a USB 3.0 device. Are you a 3.0 USB port?" If the host gives a go to 3.0 support, then the device will run in 3.0; if the port you attached the device to is 2.0, the device will use that standard instead.
Something is going wrong in the Wii U as the two devices settle for which protocol to use, something that doesn't happen with 2.0 devices.

Maybe is a widespread problem, maybe it's just my console.
Still I have this problem and I'll be looking into until I find out the cause.

User Info: Solid Link

Solid Link
4 years ago#9
Izeman: Perhaps my explanation was misinterpreted. I was trying to give a non-tech answer, in that it connects the same as USB 2.0, but that it's not physically identical.

Also, I wouldn't be trying a hard drive cradle. I would try an actual USB 3.0 external hard drive. Although if you don't have that, I'm not surprised at trying to connect via a cradle. But, are the two cradles from the same manufacturer, or no? A cheaper manufacturer might've skimped on USB 3.0 support of a hard drive cradle, hence your Wii U issues. Nintendo likely didn't do any sort of cradle testing, either. I'm willing to bet an external USB 3.0 drive will work.
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Patriot 8GB DDR3 1600|1TB SATA Spinpoint HDD|XFX 650W PSU|ASUS 23" LED LCD

User Info: Nate_Dihldorff

4 years ago#10
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