What Wii gem do you want a sequel on the Wii U?

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User Info: Sol_Clyde

5 years ago#71

Not really a sequel but another game similar to it or Odin Sphere
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User Info: Changlini

5 years ago#72
Would be lovely if the Conduit story could actually be correctly finished in a third game.
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User Info: Chosenoneknux

5 years ago#73
I want the final tale in the LostWinds trilogy already.
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User Info: easter85

5 years ago#74
Conduit 2!!!!!!!!!!! you can find me...easter85...on the Con2 boards.
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User Info: _Signal

5 years ago#75
Conduit 2
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User Info: lt519

5 years ago#76

User Info: kuragari1anonly

5 years ago#77
This should've been Sin and Punishment 100%. Disappoint in you guys.
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User Info: redluigi11

5 years ago#78
no more heroes but Red Steel 3 would be awesome
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User Info: AkaneJones

5 years ago#79
KazeKill posted...
AkaneJones posted...
KazeKill posted...
why does this list lack fragile?
highly underrated and very stale game play.
I'd like a sequel that stays true to the story and ups game play.

Yah, get a sequel to Fragil; with a good character design style in a similar area to the first that attracted it's audience in the first place; an art style that looks like the opening cinema in game play; larger environments with more secrets to promote exploring, and even backtracking for other secrets; more on the idea of using memory items to help lost souls; improved less cumbersome inventory system; and throw in some sort of improved fighting system so people can shut up about that(even though I never had a problem with that part). Also very the enemies more, and set up good use of them in areas; keeping their creepiness, but not over toping it into gory, survival horror, Silent Hill, levels. I'd say it also needs a good story, but that's a given.

imo. they should have just chucked the entire combat side of the game and made it full adventure. It would have lost nothing at all.
However i have faith that tri-crecendo know how to make good gameplay. Less mashing of A and more special combos and abilities.

I'm going to have to disagree without a combat system, you reduce ghost/robot enemy encounters to nothing more that stealth sections if even that. If you remove those you loose a large part of the atmosphere of the game. So much so the it becomes a veritable different game all together. Sure Silent Hill: Shattered Memory chucked it's combat, but I don't see that as an answer to everyone standard complaint about combat controls in these type of games. For one thing the enemies are about the only thing you encounter, there for they are actually part of the set pieces.

User Info: Retrostarman87

5 years ago#80
Xenoblade and The Last Story sequels would be AMAZING on the Wii U.

A Xenoblade Wii U game should be a prequel that leads up from the beginning of the world,all the way up to the events leading up to the beginning of XBC (such a game should be called Xenoblade Origins). The Wii U pad would be perfect for both a map of the current area you are in and also the attack options screen with just a simple tap would let you use attacks. Just add the HD and you have GotY right there. Easily.

A prequel for The Last Story would be great, too (Maybe it should called The First Story? ROFL). Start right from where Zael and Dagran start their mercenary group and show how each member joined to their group, one by one. It should also show the quirks and imperfections that Dagran was hiding that lead to his demise at the end of TLS. A sequel might make more sense, though, I don't know. I'd be glad either way. A good way the game pad

Also, to top that off for TLS, it should have a mind blowing online multiplayer experience (and also include local co-op and death matches with the second player using the gamepad for their screen). Not only should it have voice chatting, there should be a more expanded upon multiplayer experience. I mean, come on, only 5 fights to chose from!? There should be not just boss fights, but also missions you can take on in co-op that really makes you feel you are in a team fighting hoards of enemies that lead up to the boss.

As you may tell, I'm sorta of leaning more towards TLS for being the sequel I'd want most, but either one would be wonderful. Both games have endless possibilites.
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