Classic Nintendo titles on Nintendo eshop

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User Info: Lozh900

4 years ago#11
Elements012894 posted...
kolobok87 posted...
Okay, i see that menu option now. Maaaaaaan what a drag, I'm going to need three controllers just to play old games? Oh well. Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it!

Right now, using Wii mode is the current work around to getting classics. Eventually the WiiU shop will have classics and that should have gamepad support and usage of the WiiU OS during play. Iwata said that would happen at some point.

For now though your stuck turning your System into a previous generation console.

EDIT: I do have a fear about buying it through the Wii channel though. I don't think those games will ever get WiiU OS support, therefore if you bought Mario world on the Wii channel your stuck with playing on the Wii mode forever. However if you waited till it came out on the Eshop then you might get the OS support. Just a thought, I have no confirmation or anything like that.

Does it matter if those game stuck in wii mode forever though? It's always going to be apart of your systems os. It's inconvenient sure, but they will always be on your system. It's not like you are changing consoles. Just clicking on a channel to play something else.

I get what you mean though, it would be convenient to have everything run from one menu.
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