Ruin a Nintendo franchise with current gaming trends.

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User Info: omniryu

4 years ago#81
Aldath posted...
Zelda with DLC... man what am I saying.... add paid DLC to Nintendo games and they start to suck -.-

But oh well, let's see:

Zelda with difficulty select.

? This is what's wrong with Nintendrones these days
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User Info: omniryu

4 years ago#82
darkjedilink posted...
kissdadookie posted...
656stooge posted...
Mario death-match? grey and brown kirby game? Linear Zelda with health regen.

Oh, you mean current console gaming trends that have originated on Nintendo systems and were titles that made those systems notable systems in the first place? You know, like say, GoldenEye (grandaddy of modern console shooters) and RE4 (essentially the model that Gears of War was based off of). Or how about how stupid 3D 3rd person action games are with dual analogue (that's essentially what Mario 64 and Ocarina of TIme were, all 3rd person action games with dual analogue are essentially modeled after those two games).

You do realize that GE has almost nothing in common with CoD and its clones outside of being an FPS, right?

Or that Gears of War and RE4 also have very little in common?

Or that Mario 64 and OoT are in no way action games, or even dual-analog?

My vote is to take Zelda and give it the Uncharted treatment - more cutscenes than gameplay.

Zelda and Mario ARE part of the action genre. Hell take a look at the Wii shop channel or the eshop and search the "action" category I guarantee you that Mario will be there. Maybe Zelda.
PSN ID: Omniryu; Skype: Ryan.cox43
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User Info: DemonDog666

4 years ago#83
pizzaman95 posted...
From: SS4_Namreppiv | #078
Falcon Punch: F-Zero Returns. (Capt Falcon in a 3D Platformer/Racer)

...That actually sounds potentially awesome.

Reminds me of skyroads which is an awesome game.

It's so old it's free to download and not even a megabite lol

User Info: Squished_Mario

4 years ago#84
Super Bah Land: Vengeance^2
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User Info: MrBanballow

4 years ago#85
Reggie: So, now Iwata, Miyamoto and myself will show you a demo of Zelda's new Capture the Flag multiplayer mode.
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User Info: Bass_X0

4 years ago#86
TheGreekWarrior posted...
Grand Theft Mario Bros.

Grand Theft Mario Kart
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User Info: Pauken

4 years ago#87
SS4_Namreppiv posted...

The Elder Bro's: Mushrim.

Actually exists as a mod for the PC version of Skyrim. No joke, look it up.

That and the Monster Hunter mod are the only reasons I'd bother to buy Skyrim; Oblivion is better in every other way, but custom model support for Oblivion has sucked since its release, so crazy mods like that are the only reason to get into Skyrim.

User Info: MisterSmee

4 years ago#88
Smash bros 4 watered down, removed of any depth, with a low skill ceiling so any casual gamer or non gamer can play and beat you.
With a online mode shoddily programmed and shoehorned in.

Oh wait they did that already with brawl.

User Info: elken

4 years ago#89
AXKSION posted...
Zelda with motion controls

Metroid online shooter with 3 hour single player modern military style campaign (linear campaign, dumbed and casualized and watered down and yell stuff like "oscar mike", etc.), and shoot terrorists, lots of asplosions, etc.

I'm on the same boat...
Zelda with motion controls ? garbage FPS metroid games ? garbage

Why fix something that is not broken right ?

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User Info: CBrate

4 years ago#90
From: Aldath | #043
Zelda with DLC... man what am I saying.... add paid DLC to Nintendo games and they start to suck -.-

With the new and improved online services, this may come sooner than you think.
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