Who is your Smash Bros Main?

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User Info: vchu8

5 years ago#11
Book_Maker posted...
SSBM:Pichu and Roy
SSBB:Pit and Marth

Sir, I think I like you.

SSB: Kirby and Captain Falcon
SSBM: Pichu and Ganondorf
SSBB: King Dedede and Ganondorf

I also use Link a lot in SSB and SSBB, and I'm pretty decent with DK in Brawl as well. I also tend to use Falcon in Melee/Brawl, but probably not enough to call him a main.

User Info: DrRM

5 years ago#12
SSB - samus
SSBM -pichu
SSBB - metaknight
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User Info: NintendoGamer83

5 years ago#13
Always used Mario, and sometimes Luigi or Dr Mario too.
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User Info: CaioNV

5 years ago#14
P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N posted...

Let's Blocking:

User Info: SkriblZz

5 years ago#15
I killed the series for myself when I invested too much time into Melee. Brawl just bored me to tears for that reason. But, before I quit the franchise.

SSB: Ness
SSBM: Roy or Cap'n Falc
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User Info: Omega_Black

5 years ago#16
Never really had a "main" per se. More like a 2-4 characters I used the most.

On 64, it was a tie between Kirby and Fox.
Melee, it was a tie between Sheik and Dr. Mario.
Brawl, I primarily use Sonic but also heavily used Snake, Game & Watch and Olimar.
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5 years ago#17
NS_CHAIN 2666-2862-7656

User Info: DTY3

5 years ago#18
64-Pikachu, Kirby and Ness (Falcon was kinda OP)
Melee- Mario, Roy, Pikachu, Kirby and Ness although Ness was nerfed hard
Brawl- Kirby, Ness, Ice Climbers,
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User Info: cucumberking

5 years ago#19

User Info: cloudrivera

5 years ago#20
Megagunstarman posted...

SSB4: Megaman (In my dreams)

I love you! I really do! I'm not alone lol
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