Who bought Darksiders 2 as there first WiiU game?

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User Info: lp913

4 years ago#21
Yeah, & got the Newegg deal myself. Great action adventure, loving the off-TV Gamepad play plays like a goth version of Zelda with its own dark charm plus with most of the previously released DLC on the disc sweetens the deal for this version. A two and a half month difference being released after other consoles means NOTHING to me. Damn good buy, imo.
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User Info: MathewManson

4 years ago#22
I'll be getting it when it comes down in price. I had it on the 360, though it broke--may as well get it on the Wii U seeing I have it.
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User Info: twiztidfreak6t9

4 years ago#23
Game is quite fun, never played the first though....

^See...How simple was this?Very.....No one asked about rude ass comments about why someone should go PC or Xbox 360 or PS3 or the fact that this game was released BEFORE this system was launched, let alone about what content this does or does not have....BTW this DOES have extra content,before trolling try reading up on your ****.....

It's sad the few months to a year a new system comes out it gets bashed to hell by ignorant fanboys that state they are a "true gamer", when they think that if one fails the other couldn't....Let me tell you.....YOU'RE NOT...

Preference is one thing, but fanboyism is too far and ****ing childish...Grow the **** up kids....

User Info: kdognumba1

4 years ago#24
I do intend on getting it on the Wii U though I haven't played it yet.
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