Wii U sold a grand total of.... 425K units in it's launch week

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User Info: JeffMargera

4 years ago#91
Who cares about the launch sales? PS2 has it all on lockdown for overall sales. Even including handhelds. Was even still holding on strong for a while into the PS3's life. That was one incredible machine.

User Info: dennis941012

4 years ago#92
sonic777 posted...
Buretsu posted...
Icecreamdunwich posted...
From: Megagunstarman | #004
They should have released the Gamepad for the 360. They would have sold a lot more.

Probably, the 360 sold 1.2 million units in November.

I get so tired of repeating this, but:

"Oh, gee, a system that's been out for 7 years, has hundreds of titles in its library and sold for ~$250, sold more than a system that just came out, has a dozen titles in its library, and sold for at least $300? Stop the presses!"

The PS3 also nearly outsold the Wii U in NA alone.

What's that excuse?

What if the Wii U just isn't that in demand? Could that REALLY not be an option?

but wii u out sold what xbox360 and ps3 sold in 2 weeks during their launch in 1 week only in NA alone :O
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User Info: FireKatKid

4 years ago#93
kyomagi posted...

Same for every other console, including the 360 and ps3. If you want to look at it that way, legit customers only bought 100k ps3's and 240k 360's

Seriously. I worked at Toys R Us during the Wii/PS3 release time. There was a limit to 1 per customer. So couples would come in and each one would buy the same exact system, and you know it wasn't because they needed 2 of them. About a week and a half before Christmas, magically no more PS3s sold at all. That's because they wouldn't be able to get them up on eBay, sold, and then shipped in time for Christmas.

(Obviously not the full story of the system sales, but it amazes me that anyone thinks that ANY new electronic device or big name toy won't have people purchasing it solely for resale)

User Info: b1gt0ne

4 years ago#94
JeffMargera posted...
Who cares about the launch sales? PS2 has it all on lockdown for overall sales. Even including handhelds. Was even still holding on strong for a while into the PS3's life. That was one incredible machine.

any relation to Bam??

User Info: Wiiplayer111

4 years ago#95
425k in the USA alone is amazing.

Icecreamdunwich posted...

Yikes! It is pretty high for a launch isn't it.
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User Info: GranzonEx

4 years ago#96
Why does launch numbers matter?

You know Nintendo isn't going to sell more than 30m WiiUs.

User Info: Pueojit2

4 years ago#97
Enigma149 posted...
That's more than any other system has sold during its launch week, with one exception: the Wii.

And ps2

User Info: _Falstaff

4 years ago#98
It definitely didn't sell 425k in the US or the UK to legitimate consumers looking to take it home and play it and keep it themselves. And we all know that.

Fanboys will read my post and chant "a sales a sale" but um nah, it isn't. We're talking about how much real world interest with real consumers the Wii U has here, and such low LEGITIMATE sales says theres hardly any. And a sale isnt a sale when a large portion of the buyers end up returning the stock within 30 days because the item ended up having little to no demand or shortages they could exploit.

We'll see as we get closer to Xmas and the days after, theres gonna be tons of returns. From resellers and also from bricked units since Nintendos too dumb to set the system up to have a backup firmware/bios incase of complications during an update.

Its gonna be funny to see the fanboys reaction to reality then

There is no absolute way to tabulate the number of console that were sold at retail in order to be resold online. That said, there are currently about 3,600 consoles listed on eBay, (this is a high estimate). This number, of course, would include consoles purchased after the first week as there is no way to know when a seller bought their console in order to resell it. 3,600 out of 400,000 to 425,000 is less than one percent of all sales. Granted, eBay is not the only online seller out there, however, it is the most accessible avenue for many people. Even higher estimates at around, say 80,000 units in the first week, would still be a relatively small number of console that were bought purely for resale. And in reality, some of those consoles are being resold, so in that case, a sale is a sale. Others, I'm sure, will be returned.

Now, let's assume that the sales of the previous generation did not have "scalpers" buying up consoles in order to resell them. We'll subtract the high estimate of about 80,000 Wii U's bought for resale and use the low total sales estimate of 400,000, meaning every fourth person, on average, would have had to have bought an extra one in order to resell. Should we take a look at the numbers again?

Total sales during first week
PS3: 196,000
360: 305,000
Wii: 463,000
Wii U (with 80,000 sales subtracted): 320,000

Even with these generous assumptions given to the prior consoles (no scalpers) and harsh estimates for the Wii U (every one in four people is a scalper), it would seem that the Wii U would still be generating more "real world interest" than previous generation's consoles, excluding the Wii.

In summary, I reject your "reality" and substitute my own.
9 days to go, and I'm out of here.

User Info: JKatarn

4 years ago#99
I really don't understand people who spend all their free time on these boards blindly promoting/bashing a console. Do you really have so little in your life? Wouldn't playing the games you like be a better use of your free time? Cripes...crack those basement/attic windows once in a while.
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User Info: GAMER_X

4 years ago#100
I like how dense some people on this board are. I even say in my post that people will react as "A sales a sale who cares" and people still do it

Let me spell it more clearly, : when all these resellers return en masse all the units they bought, which IS a large portion of the sales hate to break it to ya, the system has no hype, its going to be a large enough number that the retail chains return them to nintendo for a refund since retailers will have no need for such heavy stock that isn't going to move, they'd rather get that money back and spend it to order a product thats actually going to move.

Like I said, these 400k-ish numbers are going to end up much lower when all the resellers return their stock and retailers are forced to return large amounts of product to nintendo because they dont have the room for it nor the demand.
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