Graphics have been said to enhance game-play.

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User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#31
Presentation enhances the experience. Graphics are a part of presentation. That is all.
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User Info: Baha05

4 years ago#32
Stopthink posted...
Yea, I'm sure you'd all rather play Mario Kart on an 8-bit console. Please dig your head out of your asses.

If the Mario game was well defined and fun yeah I'd play 8 bit Mario. Not all games have to have to rely on pretty graphics to be good. It's an added bonus in gaming and it should not be something more focused on then gameplay. A crappy game can be dressed nice and stuff but it's still a crappy game
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User Info: jungfreud

4 years ago#33
SSJ4CHRIS posted...
Of course graphics enhance gameplay. A well-controlled game that's beautiful to look at makes it that much better.

The obvious counterpoint, a beautiful game that plays like crap is a serious waste of money and time.

User Info: MathewManson

4 years ago#34
Stopthink posted...
Nintendo fanboys still trying to convince themselves that graphics don't matter? Not surprised

I listed games that haven't anything to do with Nintendo. I play all games on all systems.
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User Info: meiyuki

4 years ago#35
Blobs_ posted...

Ok, everyone is entitled to their own opinion man. I understand if you don't like skyrim, because some people don't. BUT, most people do because of its epic story, the open world, the good music, wide range of customization, and smooth gameplay. Not to mention the overall feel of adventure that only games like Legend of Zelda and Dragon Quest have been able to give a player.

There's two problems here, first popularity is a bad metric for measuring quality, and skyrim is objectively a step, or a leap, backwards from previous entries in the series.

The problem with popularity is you run into mob mentality, the psychology of conformity, fads, and mass manipulation. The thing is people like to conform, and things can take on a life of their regardless of quality. This isn't conspiratorial but marketing is all about mass manipulation, and so if we're going to us popularity as a measure of quality you run into the problem of a perhaps superior product failing, or being quite less popular because of lack of marketing budget. Sure marketing doesn't always work, and you usually need some measure of quality to become popular, but if you can't get a fad started, or get people to want to conform to your crowd you could very well stay far less popular despite being vastly superior. Are you really going to argue that spongebob and jersey shore are the kind of quality shows tv should aspire to, was the pet rock the ultimate in toy making? Likewise with video games.

To the second point, as ES graphics have increased gameplay has decreased. Skill have been removed, story depth is reduced, dungeons are more linear, freedom has been reduced, weapons are gone, and the world is less open and more shallow. Morrowind had levitation spells and the world was designed around the idea of using them add a true third dimension to much of the world, something largely missing from oblivion and skyrim.

Skyrim really reinforces both points, you can reduce quality(ie game play) and gain popularity, which also shows that increasing graphics does not necessarily increase game play.

User Info: MathewManson

4 years ago#36
Solis posted...
MathewManson posted...
Heaps of people have said that "Graphics do matter! They enhance the gameplay!"

And they do. Play any of those games at low resolution and at low settings, and then play them at high resolution at high settings. You'll find the latter to result in a markedly improved experience, in every example.

I mean hell, I remember all the complaints people had back when Diablo 2 was released and many of the graphical effects were Glide-only (especially colored lighting, which affected the visual indication of many spells and status effects). If graphics didn't help the game, then noone would've cared about those missing effects. The perspective option also gave the game a much better sense of depth to allow you to discern the game environment better.

Resolution =/= graphics. And an instant defeat comes with how many people still play the classic systems that can't even run at 480p.
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User Info: MathewManson

4 years ago#37
Basically...nobody against my argument is mentioning the quality of game-play, only that better graphics mean a better looking game--meaning the game is apparently instantly better. I want an argument to challenge in return, not idiocy.
I'm not man be human.

User Info: Tsutarja495

4 years ago#38
If the graphics get too good I'm suddenly getting distracted by the scenery every now and then and screwing up in the game. Also, better graphics usually mean more cost and more load times. I quit caring whether the graphics got any better around the time of Gamecube, it was good enough for me at that point since almost all the games I play have stylized cartoon graphics.

User Info: megax11

4 years ago#39

I agree with you TC. Whoever said that is full of ****. Just look at Hallway Fantasy XIII. The only FF game whose world is one long hallway.

Graphics bring down the potential for great gameplay.
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User Info: Pokerkid777

4 years ago#40
megax11 posted...

I agree with you TC. Whoever said that is full of ****. Just look at Hallway Fantasy XIII. The only FF game whose world is one long hallway.

Graphics bring down the potential for great gameplay.

and yet the best games for the wii this generation also had best graphics for the wii.
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