So if the next Zelda game uses the Wii Motion Plus again...

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User Info: Tsutarja495

5 years ago#51
Couldn't the controls combine the ones from the Nintendo Land Zelda? Like use the gamepad to going around and aim at stuff with projectiles, and pull out the wii remote for the sword.

User Info: wonton2112

5 years ago#52
jedinat posted...
No more stylus Zeldas

Stylus Zelda games were definitely in the top 5.

User Info: qc-benroch

5 years ago#53
MathewManson posted...
I read somewhere that Nintendo was planning on using the stylist as the sword.

Already done. Ghirahim does look like a gay stylist... and he is a sword

User Info: darkjedilink

5 years ago#54
fire2box posted...
dwebbster posted...
knightimex posted...
PLEASE NO more motion zelda.

SS was unplayable.
I hope NIntendo doesn't ruin zelda with motion controls!!!

Sure it took some getting used to. But unplayable? Not even close.

I think he meant the back tracking to every area 3 times made the game unplayable, not to mention the lack of any plot device of the boss.

"BAH, I'm evil because I was written to be evil so I am evil!"

What does any of that have to do with motion controls?

I personally believe that the combat of SS was the absolute best of the franchise.
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User Info: csalvi42

5 years ago#55
The combat was fantastic in SS, people are so negative here I cant stand it sometimes. SS combat could be tweaked and refined, and I have a feeling nintendo land gave us a preview of the future sword gameplay, but the only motion control that I felt was forced was the bomb mechanics. Those need to be fixed.
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User Info: ballermat982

5 years ago#56
I find it sad that some people thought the controls were poor in skyward sword. If you struggled to play skyward sword then I feel REALLY bad for you. You have to be extremely uncoordinated to not understand the controls cuz even my grandma was able to play that game with success.
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