Nintendo block 18+ rated content from being viewed/bought at certain times

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User Info: Chargrilled

4 years ago#162
From: Jae510 | #160
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User Info: Cheater87

4 years ago#163
Are any other digital download services like this in German?

User Info: Asuir

4 years ago#164
Xbox Live, PSN, Steam, Origin, and any other service that is internationally available.

User Info: Asuir

4 years ago#165
BluePuniGod posted...
Asuir posted...
PedroMontana posted...
mcsmellington posted...
It's not just buying content that's restricted on the Wii U, it's watching trailers too, such as the ZombiU trailer. Why would that be affected if it were down to Gerrman law?

Well, it's a bit complicated when it comes to advertisement:

1. A trailer for a game that is rated 18+ is likely rated 18+ itself, as it's likely to show the contend that earned the game the 18+ rating in the first place. Ninja Gaiden 3RE is 18+ because of the violence, splatter and gore, and of course all of this is visble in the trailer.

2. I do not know how this is handled with regular 18+ contend, but we have 2 ratings above that, "indiziert" and "beschlagnahmt".
If something is "indiziert", ANY advertisement is forbidden, even putting the game openly on store shelves. Even mentioning the names of these games in a positive context in a publication can be risky (That's why many geman gaming magazines came up with names like Quark, Duck Nuckel, Dumm or Silvereye for Quake, Doom, Goldeneye etc.).
This also usually effectively works as a ban, as it usually prevents the game from being released in Germany.

"Beschlagnahmt" ("Confiscated") is an actual ban that allows the police to confiscate the product and makes it punishable to sell even to adults.

Note that according to the wording of the German law, nothing of this is censorship, as censorship is forbidden, too.

Good to see Nazi Germany is alive and well.

Well, that's no Hitler, but I'll take it. Gentlemen and ladies, we have our first Nazi/Hitler reference here!

I hope you're happy.

User Info: BurgerTime79

4 years ago#166
UltimaSora91 posted...
Gamestop has signs in the stores saying it's illegal...

Show us one of these signs.
I've been in multiple Gamestop stores across multiple states for 10+ years. I've never seen a single sign that says that it's illegal to sell M rated games to minors.
My wife and her mom have also worked for Toys R Us in the electronics department and have also never seen signs like this. If it was a law, it would be there as well as Gamestop. I work at Target right now, and there is no such law in place there either.

Having to sell an M rated game to an 8 year old's parent who isn't paying attention to him is a pretty depressing thing to do, but it's not illegal. Now allowing stores to use discretion when selling a game, like denying a purchase of an M rated game to a kid who's acting violent in the store, that I'd love to see.
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User Info: Worker_8_

4 years ago#167
What a dick move. I realize that Nintendo is the console that kids automatically associate with video games, but they aren't the only ones that play it.

It's the parents responsibility to monitor what their kids play. They really need to remove this feature before it becomes a real issue.

User Info: ShadowkhNinja

4 years ago#168
its the 90s all over again.
next Nintendo will start censoring Call of Duty with sweat instead of blood.
"The more things change, the more they stay the same."
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User Info: Scontig

4 years ago#169
Seems stupid to me considering most people will buy online games with a credit card and you need to be 18 to hold one.

User Info: ikaruga0101

4 years ago#170
Saw todays Gamefaqs pool and decided to visit the WiiU board for the first time to check on this issue.

Seriously, who the hell thinks AC3 and ZombieU are 18+ games? Not even The Witcher series, which have nudity and implicit sex and are much more violent than 90% games I've seen I consider 18+. Unless it involves high-profile crimes such as murder of innocents, rape, torture, terrorism, etc, it shouldn't be adult only.

Well at least they are being consistent. If they're going to censor female nipples, they might as well censor violence too. Should censor mario and pokemon too, as they display violence against animals.
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