Why Nintendo is going to win this gen.

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User Info: Asuir

5 years ago#31
LordBowser posted...
1. Not going to happen? You do realize these plans are already in the works? It wouldn't make used games unplayable, but they would make it ridiculously impractical, meaning without buying a code to activate it or using the one that comes with new copies, it's primary use would be as a coaster.

They are already doing a lot to make rental and used game sales impractical, such as 'online multiplayer codes' with new copies. This would just be the next step.

I doubt Gamestop would stop selling their games as they make new game sales as well, but this would be very brutal on their business. I honestly can't say I'd feel sorry for them, though.

2. You're right. If they don't, then it will be about on par with the Wii U. Which is what I am assuming will happen, we'll see.

3. I don't think Sony will go under. We'll see, though. I hope they don't, personally.

4. Why? What makes you so sure that Nintendo does not and will not have the same 3rd party support? Xbox getting exclusive early access on 3rd party games by bribing them is about the best they can do.

1. I really, really don't think they would ban used games. This wouldn't just hurt Gamestop, but it would also hurt mom & pop stores, Bestbuy, Walmart, etc. What about people who return their games? If you return a game, it's used. That copy just became worthless and if you got a full refund, the store that sold you the game just lost money.

It's impractical and if it happens, I personally won't be buying a PS4 or 720. Fortunately, it's not going to happen.

2. I don't know the specs for their systems, but I can only assume they'll be better than the PS3/360.

3. I don't want any of the three to go bankrupt. Competition is needed, especially in an industry like this one.

4. Can you really say that Nintendo has the same 3rd party support right now? I'm not talking about the future. I'm talking about the present (and the past to a certain degree). Nintendo doesn't have the same support as the other two consoles. That's a fact. It might change, but as of now, they don't.

That third party support is what made the 360 into a household name.

User Info: darkjedilink

5 years ago#32
Asuir posted...
3. The gaming division is one of the only profitable divisions of Sony.

Incorrect. For a while, the PS3 sold for a profit, but their gaming division has operated at a loss across the board for quite some time.

Sony's only profitable divisions are Sony Music and their film division.
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User Info: Kane_Dynast

5 years ago#33
Stopping used games sales for consoles, as it is, is impossible.

For it to actually happen:

The console would have to be 100% digital distribution, which would force people to have an internet connection. This would alienate all those who buy consoles who don't have an internet source, or have a shoddy internet source.


To allow physical discs, the console would have to be online all the time. Which, again, would alienate those without internet or with really bad internet. The reason it would have to be online all the time and not just a "register game online play offline" type game, would be because you would be able to register, take console offline, and then unregister it because there would have to be a way to unregister a game because of lost/stolen/damaged beyond repair consoles. (now, this can be countered by having a timer on offline content, and you would be locked out of the game after a certain amount of time being offline without it being able to confirm that your product is registered)


To allow physical discs, consoles or distributors would have to physically imprint onto the disc, information that would lock it to your system.
Meaning, for retailers, you would have to carry in your system every time and have them do it. Or you would have to give them the serial number to your console, and god forbid if you or they get it wrong while imprinting that information onto the disc.

All options, except the last one, would cut profit from the people actually purchasing games.
The last one would either extremely hike up distributors cost, or hike up manufacturing cost, thus again, lowering profit dramatically.

User Info: Geno

5 years ago#34
It's not the games, it's the price of the system itself. The cost of the actual games is also a minor determining factor, but it's the price of the systems that's going to murder Sony and Microsoft. Guarantee you that their next-gen systems won't be a dollar under five hundred in the BEST case scenario.

Simply put, Nintendo's going to wind this generation too because, like they did with the Wii, their console was (and always will be) the cheapest, and in an economy like this, with such little expendable income? You'll see Wii U's selling like hotcakes in comparison. The initial high numbers of 720 and PS4 sales will be the diehards and fanatics buying first week, and then they'll probably start to nosedive.
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User Info: Big_Isaac

5 years ago#35
dudultimateness posted...
I'm not sure why everyone thinks that getting rid of used games would be the death of the Xbox 720 and Ps4. Since when has cutting out the middle man ever been a bad idea?

Think of it this way. Usually when you buy a new game and plan to sell it you can usually expect about a third of what you originally paid for it, less if you sell it to Gamestop. But if you could not do that the profits would no longer go towards Gamestop but would go directly to the developers. This either means that the developers will experience better and more profits and can experiment with gaming more or can simply turn around and lower the price of their games and can sell new games at $40 instead.

banning used games would cause grave damage to the entire industry
games cost 60 bucks a piece, so many people can't afford buying new games without selling stuff they don't play any more
in other words, people return the games they finished to gamestop and use the money they get for it to (partially) pay for a new game.
what do you think will happen when used games are phased out?
the above model no longer works. as a result, game sales will drop like a stone and the industry will suffer greatly.
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User Info: MarioGalaxy2

5 years ago#36
_Nintendo posted...
- If Sony and MS really do block used games on the PS4/720, retailers like GameStop WILL refuse to sell their Systems, 90% of GameStop's Sales come from used games.

- If the PS4/720 are really powerful like rumors say they are, then they are going to be asking an absurd amount of money for them.

- Sony is not doing well right now. If they make even a tiny mistake on the Orbis, they will go under, no doubt about it.

- The only thing Microsoft still has to cling to is Halo, Gears of War, and Other generic 3rd party FPS games. Meanwhile, Nintendo has more 3rd Party Support than we even know about right now, and they still are able to make a fresh game out of all of their old IPs.

Feel free to disagree.

1. I don't know how you can make a console that will stop used games? unless digital.

2. Well They're probably be sold at a loss like Wii U. I believe Vita went 250 to compete with 3DS. Microsoft can probably be able to take a loss as for Sony however....

Also 2 year payment plans can be done to make it look cheaper.

3. Sony is in a bad position. Vita is having trouble. And probably can't have the cross play feature for the Orbis if the power is to big of a leap. If they have another Vita situation with Orbis that won't be good.

4. Perhaps the Nintendo 3rd party isn't a threat (not now at least). But the Xbox 360 and PS3 3rd party is a threat. Think about this long generation of consoles, a lot games on the next console for the first few years are going to be both Xbox 360 and 720.

I mean if your a developer who needs to break 3 million sales on games started on the Xbox 360 why make it a exclusive for 720 that won't earn that many sales to break even.

If on both consoles why would a consumer want the 400+ dollar low end model when they can pick up Xbox 360 for half the price with games included.

Why would consumers do this? Well a lot of general consumers according to boards and gaming critics. Can't tell an Xbox and PlayStation games apart. Don't know Wii U is a new console(that is partly Nintendo fault). Basically a lot of consumers don't know what we know.
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User Info: Empiror

5 years ago#37
Really, I'd say it's pretty hard to say which console would be more successful until they go through a holiday season of sales. Until the Wii U has gone through December I'd be wary on saying how successful the console truly is. Otherwise, I'd assume that Sony/Microsoft would, at the very least, be a good match for Nintendo if they don't shoot themselves in the face (aka Vita...at least imo)
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