which game do you want to see the most

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User Info: hydrocrush

5 years ago#1
see above - Results (51 votes)
legend of zelda majoras mask 3D
13.73% (7 votes)
super mario galaxy 3
7.84% (4 votes)
metroid prime 4
23.53% (12 votes)
donkey kong country returns again
1.96% (1 votes)
paper mario U
11.76% (6 votes)
fire emblem U
9.8% (5 votes)
kid icarus U
11.76% (6 votes)
kirby U
0% (0 votes)
star fox U
11.76% (6 votes)
animal crossing U
7.84% (4 votes)
This poll is now closed.
only nintendo exclusives not yet announced

and no earthbound since nintendo is never going to listen
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User Info: sloth927

5 years ago#2
too many great ip's i chose star fox though.
Wii U ID: Fire_Chomp

User Info: SirPierce

5 years ago#3
Personal opinion...NONE of them would make me happier than Fire Emblem. My most played GC game was Path of Radiance. My most played Wii game was Radiant Dawn and my most played 3DS game will be Awakening. I simply love the series. I need an FE U game.
NNID - Aerontar.
Currently Awaiting...Super Smash Bros. U and Watch Dogs...Other stuff too, but these take the priority. Lol.

User Info: Hucast9

5 years ago#4
I would instantly buy this system for:

- A new Metroid Prime game
- Phantasy Star Online 2

User Info: snae99

5 years ago#5
Metroid Prime 4
I should go.

User Info: hydrocrush

5 years ago#6
lol everyone wants mp4
black 2 FC 3998 4354 0836

User Info: New Link

New Link
5 years ago#7
Where is F Zero?
-SNES- Hasta Pasta!
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User Info: LuDaCRis073

5 years ago#8
Looking forward to all of those games. I'm a big College football fan, can't wait to see what they do with NCAA.

User Info: badboy

5 years ago#9
Metroid (not Prime) or Fire Emblem

User Info: jedinat

5 years ago#10
If Majora's Mask really isn't coming out on 3DS, I'd really just like to be told so I can play it again.
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