Wii u future seem bleak.. :(

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User Info: maximumbarmage

4 years ago#51
Quick look at any Wii U release schedule does indeed make things look bleak.
"Maybe it would be quicker to list the Wii U multiplatform titles that AREN'T vastly inferior ports..." - SimeonSays

User Info: sloth927

4 years ago#52
i see nintendo seems to be doin great.
Wii U ID: Fire_Chomp

User Info: leeko_link

4 years ago#53
pearl arowana posted...
very under powered
no third party
hardware woe
unutilised and outdated touch screen controller
no dvd/bluray player
competing against ps3/360 only (because of hardware limitation)

1. not really
2. so far only two games at launch are first party titles (NSMBU and Nintendoland), geez I wonder what the rest are?
3. nintendo make console to last, it won't die.
4. not really, you're just a noob with this type of gaming.
5. who cares about those scratchable blu-ray disc, we got hulu, netflix, and tvii for movie and tv shows.
6. no, because they are consoles, duh.

User Info: BurgerTime79

4 years ago#54

Enough already.
Gordon Ramsay, the Mr Resetti of cooking

User Info: ynni

4 years ago#55
*Insert witty line*

User Info: carsauce

4 years ago#56
Meh I will agree this system is out for now but soon the next gen consoles will come in and then it gets serious again from there with games on the market, SONY and MICROSOFT will not hold back.
Someday, someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else. -anonymous

User Info: Darth_Elusive

4 years ago#57
When I look at the Wii U, I can't help thinking about the Dreamcast.
Sony and MS haven't announced their next gen consoles yet. Developers already give the Wii U the cold shoulder. The damage would be more real when Sony and MS announce their next gen consoles officially. When that happens, they are likely to drop prices of the 360 and PS3.
What can Nintendo do? Drop price. So, it could be another 3DS fiasco if Sony and MS drop prices early next year.
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