Sonic racing transformed yay or nay?

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User Info: blankempathy

4 years ago#21
Had no intention of buying it but after seeing some posts on here of people enjoying it and after seeing some reviews I decided to pick it up. Its definitely a solid kart racer and probably one of my favorites outside of the MK series since the days of diddy kong racing. It'll definitely be played a lot locally with friends and will hold me over until mk for the wii u is released.
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User Info: Gencoil

4 years ago#22
I like it, feels a bit like Mario Kart but at the same time not. It's like Mario Kart with more emphasis on being cool and not so cutesy. You get a much better sense of speed, the controls are incredibly solid and there's less unfair weapons that take you from first to last place in a matter of seconds. Also, the transformations actually change the way you control your vehicle, whereas in Mario Kart they're mostly there for show. Plenty of nostalgia in the game, too, with remixes of old songs and tracks based on various environments from Sega games.

Some levels have slightly confusing layouts, though, which can make you go straight into a wall because you didn't realize you had to make a quick turn. But after playing the same track a few times you'll start memorizing it. || || Xbox LIVE: Nitesoul || PSN: Gencoil

User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#23
Yay. Just picked it up on Saturday - totally worth the $40 price tag.
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User Info: NinjaGamer_23

4 years ago#24
I would have paid 60 bucks for the game after all the hours I spent with this game. So much to unlock and do.

The first sonic racing was fantastic. I loved the new transformed vechicles made it feel like diddy kong racing.

User Info: brosa0

4 years ago#25
I loved the first one on the Wii and I think the series complements Mario Kart really well.

The tracks in the sequel are stunning and the 'transformed' stuff doesn't feel like a cheap slapped on gimmick at all.

Although the gameplay itself is great, I must say I feel this second game has taken a step backwards in some of its options. For example, it was more straightforward in terms of unlocking hidden characters/music etc in the first game. The ability to choose music for each track was a massive "plus" that the game had over Mario Kart, but it's gone here.

There are a lot of things the next Mario Kart could take from this one, particularly with regards to more dynamic and branching tracks.
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