Whatever happened to all that talk about Wii U having best versions of games?

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User Info: Sami1000

4 years ago#131
Icecreamdunwich posted...
Assassin's Creed III - Virtually identical to the PS3/360 versions
Arkham City - Worst version of the game
Black Ops 2 - Not even up to par with the 360 version
Darksiders 2 - Worst version of the game
Epic Mickey 2 - Worst version of the game
FIFA 13 - Worst version of the game, doesn't even have all the features
Just Dance 4 - Literally nothing about this game is posted as far as comparisons go so I'm giving the Wii U the benefit and saying it's identical
Mass Effect 3 - Matches up somewhat, worse framerate than the PS3 and 360 though.
NBA 2K13 - Virtually identical other than a silly Gatorade vision mode
Scribblenauts Unlimited - Worse than the PC version visually
Skylanders Giants - No comparisons available, assuming it is on par as this is a simple game.
Warriors Orochi Hyper 3 - Worst version of the game, awful framerate and enemies on screen at once
Madden NFL 13 - Doesn't even have all of the features
Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge - Lots of debate on this one, though it seems as if it's worse visually and frame rate wise.
Sonic Racing Transformed - Virtually the same except for a game breaking bug on Wii U version
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - The one game that is actually better on the Wii U!

So what happened to all of that talk?

Warriors orochi 3 and darksiders 2 was deal breaker for me. Going to wait Price drop. I don't think its because devs would need to learn anything about the hardware because it wouldn't help anything. Darksiders 2 devs and Trine 2 devs said that they got the game up and running in just few days so after that they tried to over come the crappy cpu maybe?

This is just too much. I was really looking forward to this console and i was planning to buy it this year because of people were claiming that Black ops 2 would be 1080p 60fps and Darksiders 2 etc. And now every single game runs worse, much worse. To get to play these half broken games i would have to pay 440€ for zombi u bundle!? yeah right.

User Info: KageTenshi55

4 years ago#132
But they still had the WiiU Hardware many developers were given a year ago to work on the game on. Which is why it was delayed a few times.

User Info: robinhoek

4 years ago#133
From: Icecreamdunwich | #129
I've lived in many states and visited even more and I can honestly say that Salt Lake City is my favorite city in the US.

Anyways, this was a fun chat I'm glad to see that though you may have poor taste in games you have a decent taste in foods and can have a civil discussion about them.

Yeah same here. Though I don't know how this topic showed you anything about my preference for games. I merely took the stance that best version and best graphics and framerate can be two different things. I was actually surprised to be labeled part of the NDF. That was a first for me seeing as I spend most of my time playing my PS3. If we had a serious discussion about the Wii U you would find that I've never been one to claim that it will be some monster in the tech department. The thing is pretty fun for what it is though.

User Info: OmegaDL50

4 years ago#134
Topics like these speak volumes of insecurity issues. I figure these game consoles were something we partake in as a means of entertainment. I suppose to some people take this far too seriously, It makes me want to feel pity for these types, who seemingly worship their object of nothing more of circuitry and plastic affixed with the corporate logo that they fervently defend like a fanatical zealot.

On the subject of not having any games to play. I figure one who takes the time to create topics like these, it's pretty much given one has nothing else better to do with their own time or perhaps don't know how to spend that time wisely.

At least the more intelligent people focus their gaming discussions on things they actually enjoy, instead then things they hate. How pathetically nonconstructive.

I concede that this post of mine also doesn't have much merit to it either.

Which reminds me of something someone once said, a shame I forget the person's name, but I'll quote it here

You can have the most powerful console hardware in the world but it all amounts to nothing if you don't have a decent library of "fun" and "enjoyable" games. A console is only as good as the quality games it has in it's library to support it.
A fan is confident in the game they prefer being able to stand on its own merits.
A fanatic attacks the opposing game showing insecurity in the game they like.

User Info: Gencoil

4 years ago#135
I miss the way gamers were when I was younger. Sure, people compared console specs but we weren't as obsessed with it as people are today. Why can't we enjoy each console for what it is? Why does everything have to be top-notch, state-of-the-art? Sega Genesis had a crappy color palette, only three face buttons and couldn't play sampled sounds as good as on SNES. Do people remember Genesis as a bad system? No, many people look back on it with fond memories of lots of awesome games.

Same thing with PS2, the weakest system of its generation. We all know how that went.
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User Info: pearlarowana

4 years ago#136
the fact that wii u is competing against ps3/360 (almost 8 years old console) for the best games performance is kidda sad.. and they losing too which make it sadder. :(
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User Info: c_h_shaw

4 years ago#137
am i missing something here, fellas? trying to see the problem here. the wii u and ps360 versions look identical! i know i don't have 20/20 vision but i can see no difference.

as i big nintendo fan, i would love for them to have the best game graphically and framerate wise but this will come in time. it's new tech. but to be honest, it's a games machine, made for your enjoyment and 30 mins to 3 hours of escapism. like any other medium. don't sit on the net being catty to each other about why this is inferior. go out for a lovely walk, throw ya mp3 on, go the gym, see ya mates, go for a drive. go to work.

you know what i mean?
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