Nintendo confirms German law to blame for Europe-wide Wii U eShop 18+ content re

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User Info: Eoin

5 years ago#71
RhinoStrega posted...
Really, why should nintendo care? To all the people saying this will damage sales. You cant be more wrong. Digital sales are very, very small percentage. I cant believe you can really say it will hurt. One of the dumbest things i ever heard.

The effect it will have will be multi-layered:

Damage to actual sales of games also sold at retail will be minimal. The vast majority still prefer discs when available. Only a small fraction of European sales are of downloads and only part of this fraction will be affected. This loss is essentially negligible.

Damage to sales of download-only games will be fairly bad, especially for download-only games also available on one or both other platforms. Nobody is going to wait for hours to begin a download when they can do so immediately on another system.

Damage to word-of-mouth will also occur. This restriction affects more than just games - it affects demos and trailers as well. It is extremely difficult to quantify what kind of effect this will have, but one will definitely exist. With games, there is usually a purchase intent, so people who don't have a choice really might stay up to buy the game. With a demo, people are likely to say "oh well, can't access that, won't bother" (especially since the message says that the content is not available but doesn't say when it will be available - for all the person getting the message might know, it could be in minutes or hours or days or weeks or never).

User Info: RhinoStrega

5 years ago#72
But none of that is ever a problem. So your point is moot. Reaching to demos and trailers and such? Seriously? Laughable.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

5 years ago#73
I think Nintendo should at least fix it for the other countries. Because this would hurt them quite a bit if mature content is only available for a few hours a day in all of Europe.
Read the mania:
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User Info: meiyuki

5 years ago#74
pikachupwnage posted...
Eoin posted...
It's important to remember that although this will only have a small effect on eShop games that are also available at retail (since, as has correctly been pointed out, most sales are still of disc-based games), it will have a significantly larger effect on eShop-only games. Their sales will be severely damaged in Europe, especially any multiplatform games, since people won't bother waiting, they'll just download from XBLA or the PlayStation Store.

Geez shouldn't their constitution ban this sort of crap(Not exactly knowledgeable on German law) but geez this is so ass backwards.

Seriously there needs to be enormous challenges to this law.

Its insane. Its a pathetic example of government nannyism that does little Significant but annoy adults to no end and damage the games market. Kids will find a way. They will sneak out of bed and download it or get a uncle to buy it for them or borrow it from a friend or something.

Kids can be crafty little bastards and a distant government law that is circumvented easily by a determined kid is no substitute for vigilant parenting.

Jackass Thompson must be so proud of these morons.

It's what people want, and it's what they always vote for. As long as a law doesn't affect someone personally they're more than happy to vote for all kinds of restrictions on everything you can imagine. Course then when someone else comes along and votes for a law that affects them personally they're outraged, but for some reason outraged at the people following the law and not the governments that make them.

I'm thankful I don't have to put up with this particular law, but I'm also not naive enough to think it won't take much more than one incident to get the same law in america. I can only hope the next time people hear some stupid politician make his speach *sniff* We've, *sniff, sniff* we've got to do it....*sniff* for the children, they'll immediately say go to hell and try to get him replaced with someone who doesn't believe in command and control government and creating a "world without sin"(if you know where that comes from you understand my point perfectly) through crushing regulations and law enforcement.

User Info: Eoin

5 years ago#75
RhinoStrega posted...
But none of that is ever a problem. So your point is moot. Reaching to demos and trailers and such? Seriously? Laughable.

So you're arguing that demos and trailers have no effect whatsoever, and therefore that companies should stop making them?
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User Info: Big_Isaac

5 years ago#77
oh joy, now Greek and Spanish people get to hate us Germans not only because we (and France) saved Europe from the dept crisis (how DARE we!), but because of this, too
also, NoE is located in Germany? I never knew that
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2 things are infinite: The Universe and human stupidity. I'm not sure about the Universe, though -Albert Einstein

User Info: Nitharad

5 years ago#78
This time everyone suffers under german gamer laws, it's as funny as it is sad xD

Maybe this is a great opportunity to "update" these german laws that were made by old people that have no idea about games.

But who am I kidding ?

User Info: Hawker44

5 years ago#79
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
Well, so much for GTA V ever coming to the Wii U along with multiple other 18+ Games

You can still buy them as discs you know.

User Info: Eoin

5 years ago#80
Legeon86 posted...
Those regulations are for television programs, not video game downloads.

It's starting to seem that this is in fact the case - that Nintendo have interpreted themselves as a broadcaster (which is a dubious viewpoint), and then applied one possible (not required) solution.
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