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User Info: Baha05

5 years ago#21
Insane Master Power posted...
You may be right, there don't seem to be many people upset about it here, but it would certainly be nice to have it as part of this system's library. The idea that there is no point to it is somewhat flawed, as it's a high profile, solid looking game. No real pressing reason not to want it.

Not really flawed by that much though, think of it this way. The console is barely a month old in the US (I think it has another week) so the user base is not there at all. Rockstar and Take Two would have to sink the money in to rush a GTA V port to the Wii U(Unless they have been working on a build since 2011/2012 and simply didn't announce it)so if we were to get it next year it would be an inferior product.

Then comes the fact that it's going to sell much less thus giving trolls ammo to say "Ohh no one is interested in GTA V stupid kiddy Nintendo" or if it sells decent to good people will say "Ohh Wii U is going to have nothing more then ports!"
"LOL fail, SMG and GTA5 aren't even from the same decade. gj." - War_Fail

User Info: Lozh900

5 years ago#22
trenken posted...
Games like this take serious time to make them work for another platform. Why would they spend all that time and money when the crowd isnt right? Generally the majority of people buying Nintendo systems these days are not typical gamers. Its common knowledge now. You strip away all the casual gamers that bought a Wii and how many are left? Not even close to the amount of people that own a PS3 or 360.

I just dont think they think NIntendo is the right platform for a mature game like that. How many copies would it really sell on the U? I cant see it selling millions of copies.

Within the date the Wii U has released up until now I would suggest mostly gamers have bought the wii u and very few casuals have yet to buy it.

Well, simply because it will take time for the casuals to realise this isn't just a controller for their wii. Generally, the only informed ones right now are gamers and word of mouth will spread to the casuals.

So thinking about it, currently the wii u has surpassed a million units sold and the majority are more than likely gamers. Over a million in the user base is hardly something to ignore.

Whether they do bother or not though is any ones guess.
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User Info: carsauce

5 years ago#23
Wow so the Nintendo community does not care for a GTA game? That is surprising, while Nintendo's always been a marketing console for families and children, there are some adult games that have been cattered to it, also there is a FarCry for the Wii but that turned out awful, so really, not many adult type R rated games hit this system, Im still surprised not even Max Payne 3, so with that being said, I guess Nintendo does not have mant adult or teen type gamers, but for families , pre teen gamers and just fanboys of Nintendo? But meh I might buy this system if it is does have a great RPG or least to play such Mario games.
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