Theres nothing I hate more than people blinded by nostalgia

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User Info: Pirate_Balthier

5 years ago#291
What I love about these kind of topics is that there's a TC who passes his opinions as facts and then almost everyone attacks him for that while trying to pass their own opinions as facts too. This topic is no exception as far as I can see.
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User Info: Virauge

5 years ago#292
mjc0961 posted...
You start off by saying you hate people who think their opinions are fact, and then at the end you declare your opinions to be fact by telling the TC that his contradicting opinions are wrong.

I'm sorry which of my "opinions aren't fact?

FFVII IS in the top 10 of games ever created by the vast majority of the reputable gaming community. Fact

A large portion of the FF community IS saying FFXIII is downfall of the entire FF series. Fact.

So if the only things I said isn't my opinion, and is indeed fact, how am I a hypocrite?

Theres nothing I hate more than people who troll. That would be you.

User Info: TheSmeg

5 years ago#293
TC fails simply because he thinks SMW and Super Metroid are liked because of nostalgia. Doesn't have anything to do with the fact that they were amazing.

Sorry sonny Jim, but those games got great reviews and a great fanbase because they were that darn good.

For future reference, nostalgia is when something has a fanbase because of personal affection towards it regardless of what quality the product was.

For example:

Super Metroid was the first SNES game I've ever played. It's a fantastic game and deserves all of the credit and attention it receives.

Final Fantasy VIII was the first Final Fantasy game I've ever played and is my favorite.

Both games have nostalgia points, but that doesn't change the fact that I know the difference in a genuine great game [SM] and a game that I have a personal attachment to even though I know it's not the best one. [FFVIII]

User Info: Crzyfatkid

5 years ago#294
You're welcome to your opinion but to me it sounds like you only started gaming recently and are posing the same bias that some old school gamers have, a bias to your era. The games you listed are mostly just graphically superior, which is a poor basis for comparison, and it makes me wonder if you ever played classic games. That said it's not a matter of superiority, it's about enjoyment. I've played through the first Zelda and most of them through Skyward Sword and they all passed the hours just the same. Play what you like, don't play what you don't, and let others do the same.

User Info: zalak321

5 years ago#295
NoJobBob posted...
"SMW is better than NSMBWiiU"

"Super Metroid is better than Prime"

"Ocarina of time is better than Skyward Sword'

"Final Fantasy Vii is better than FF XIII"(different system. same thing though)

"SM64 is better than Galaxy 2"

It just makes me sick. The mechanics and graphics are so much better today than they used to be.

Lots of people like 64 because of the openess of the levels and such.

Super mario world, I think a lot of people like because of the secrets like star road.

But yeah, lots of people like em because of nostalgia.

User Info: lazycomplife

5 years ago#296
iwindontargue09 posted...

Pokemon: Gold/silver>>>red/blue>>>>any others. Sure graphics and ease of gameplay has improved at least since gen I but the games are now formulaic and the stroylines are made for 5 year olds. At least in red/blue you could be sure if you lost to team rocket they would injure/kill you and steal your pokemon. Now its "bad for team plasma...its plasbad!" *cringes*

Except obviously you haven't even played B/W, or you'd know that the story isn't bad, and that the villain gives the player death threats. Also N is a somewhat developed character (more-so than any character in RBGS).
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User Info: TheIastspartan

5 years ago#297
You know what I hate the most? People who assume gamers are blinded by nostalgia when they prefer older games. Newer does not always equal better solely because of better mechanics.

Hell, I can't stand SS. WAY too much filler and hand-holding, the partner sucks, the pace sucks, and I think it has one of the worst worlds in a 3D Zelda. Only aspects I'd say I truely loved were the upgrade system, controls(most of the time) and characters(minus Fi, whom Midna blows completly out of the water). Everything else has failed to succeed the rest of the 3D Zeldas IMO. Coming from someone that has played every Zelda at least a dozen times, I'm struggling to make it through only my second SS run.

So yes, I'd consider OoT better. Hell, I'd consider most Zeldas better, and that has nothing to do with nostalgia. Mechanics are important, but they hardly make a game.

User Info: DViper97

5 years ago#298
MarioMan847 posted...
atma6 posted...
Nostalgia can be great, but, more often than not, gamers use it to endlessly bash games. If it was just "I love Super Mario World. It's one of my favourite games." it would be great, but it's usually more like "I love Final Fantasy VI, so everything else made later (Aside from IX usually) is total garbage."

^ That's a very good point. Nostalgia is okay if you simply acknowledge that the games in the past were your favorite. But if you just go out and say that everything else after said game is completely inferior, then you're just being blinded by nostalgia.

^^ That is exactly what I was trying to get at!. Very well put Mario Man and Atma 6!!

The majority of comments in this very topic make great examples of what the above two posters, and even I, are talking about. I too have much respect and love for the old school.

I love Mega Man X3. LOVE it. I think X3 saw the X series at it's peak. I even spent a few years tracking down a copy after I lost my original, and willingly spent a small fortune on it. Despite the fact that I don't like some later entries (X6), I don't go around saying that everything after X3 sucked, had no redeeming qualities, or that all the new stuff was bad.

In contrast, MGS3 is my favorite Metal Gear. I think its overall quality has yet to be completely topped. Yet, I don't go around saying all that came before 3 sucks, or is old and therefore worst, or obsolete. Nor do I not allow for the chance that I might end up liking a newer entry more. Case in point: Peace Walker is a very close 2nd fave for me. I was blown away by the game.

I welcome the opportunity for any game, in any genre, to impress me. If it doesn't, oh well, hopefully I had still had fun. If it does, even better. I don't discount something new, just because of a past title's quality.

When I said that FF XIII was my favorite in the series, did I go out of my way, or even attempt, to trash all the previous entries? Did I make blanket statements about the quality, or a seeming lack thereof, of the older titles? Hell. No.
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User Info: pacpuf7249

5 years ago#299
NoJobBob posted...
sentoworf posted...
"Red/Blue is better than Black/White"

oh god these people are the worst

red has like a million less feautures than black but yet people sometimes say the old ones are better lol

This is so true, RBY had a lot of not-that-good stuff, which convinced Game Freak to move forward and better Pokemon
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User Info: Pechabuster

5 years ago#300
Spade59 posted...
TC ditches after being torn apart, typical. Phaseblack alt?

Pechabuster posted...
OMG me too
I like old-school RE over RE4+
I only like the first gen of Pokemon/2nd gen even though they were objectively the glitchiest and most broken
Even freaking House of the Dead

First half of your post is sensible. The second half is laughable, so I omitted it.

Spade59 where are you baby?

You must be one of those bandwagon plebeians from the RE board. Done with RE6 so quickly? Does Capcom at least pay their PR? If so, does it make up for the loss of dignity?

I'll just assume you're the alt of some nobody I've thrashed.

hahaha yes the tears are coming, just what I was looking for, brilliant. I don't know anyone more obsessed with nostalgia than you my mad friend. If I'm some nobody how do you remember me so clearly?

But Do you actually think the objectively terrible quality 1st gen/2nd gen Pokemon are actually better than the later gens except to people with intense nostalgia and"mindless casuals"? Competitive Pokemon only became good after the complete revamp of the broken game mechanics in 3rd gen and adding abilities. And even then the physical/special moveset split was one of the best thing to even happen to Pokemon.

Unless you're a nostalgic genwunner with ridiculous subjective complaints like "Pokemon design" or a complete casual who only plays solo (and later gens even have better stories)the later gens are completely superior to the originals.

And I still main the RE6 boards. Wanted to check out the immense load of trolls on this board though
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