Theres nothing I hate more than people blinded by nostalgia

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User Info: BlackWizardMagus

4 years ago#71
I can agree if the "people" we are talking about are those who rip on new games and compare them to older games...but they haven't played those games in like 10 years and, if questioned, can hardly even remember alot of what happens in them and don't recall the problems those games had. But, I actually PLAY my old games. I even load up emulators for NES and SNES era stuff. I say FF7 is better than 13 because I played through both this very year.

Also, it's sad that this still needs to be said, but graphics are largely irrelevant. The only exceptions would be games where the graphics actually impede gameplay; like, you have a hard time seeing things because everything is muddy and washed out.
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User Info: johnluke728

4 years ago#72
DTY3 posted...
Pssst. Guess what. It was sarcasm.
Conglaturation. The post flew over your head.

Yeah, I kinda bricked myself over that a few posts back. ;__; I just see so much negativity and trolling around GameFAQs it gets harder to pick out sarcasm than other forums I visit. <-- Huge fan of the Shantae games? Then you should check the first fan forum that's all about the belly-dancing half-genie!

User Info: FlyinTonite

4 years ago#73
My picks for series pinnacles:

Zelda- Majora's mask. Wind waker would be in contention if they actually had time to add those extra dungeons if they didn't scrap it to make a deadline... damn triforce quest.

Mario- NSMBU (2d) Galaxy 2 (3d)

Metroid- Metroid Prime

Pokemon- Ruby/sapphire/emerald

Kirby- return to dreamland
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User Info: PHEEliNUX

4 years ago#74
sentoworf posted...
"Red/Blue is better than Black/White"

B/W was the worst Pokemon game IMO...

User Info: gangster4lifeyo

4 years ago#75
Red/Blue is totally better than Black/White.

User Info: evecharmeve

4 years ago#76
The problem seems to be people grew up in an age where it's pretty much been

sports title year before < sports title current year < sports title next year
shooter series year before < shooter series current year < shooter series next year

When companies are forced to churn out a game every year, you get the new rooster or story with minor improvements, it's why movie games always suck, they tell a company to make a game in about 6 months.

When companies can take years to make a game, an old game polished to perfection in not only looks but story and gameplay also can be better then a newer game rushed.

Silent hill 2 for example vs Silent hill down pour or homecoming

Super mario 3 vs other super marios ;p

bioshock 1 vs bioshock 2

need for speed most wanted 1 vs any other need for speed

metal gear soild 1 or 2 vs 4
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User Info: Pechabuster

4 years ago#77
OMG me too

I like old-school RE over RE4+
I only like the first gen of Pokemon/2nd gen even though they were objectively the glitchiest and most broken
Even freaking House of the Dead

Seriously you can't ever escape nostalgia blinded people. They're everywhere, EVERYTHING has it. No matter what it is, be it game, movie, tv show, music everybody will say the original was better even if it wasn't. Either that or the 2nd one which is the one they did at childhood.

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User Info: WilhuffTarkin

4 years ago#78
Super Mario 64 is my favorite game of all time. This summer, I even played through it again twice and it's still every bit as much fun to me now as it was back then. Hardly a nostalgia-based opinion. I loved the Galaxies, but I much prefer 64.
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User Info: laxnd23

4 years ago#79
aaasdjfkldsfk posted...
FF7 is a million times better than FF13. Anyone that doesn't think that is a blind sheep or 10 years old.

I'll take the story in 13 over the absolutely terrible story in 7. And let's not forget Tifa, the character created solely for fan service. 8 and 10 were the best FF games anyway. (I'm not gonna say 11 because it's a completely different system from the others)
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User Info: chrombot

4 years ago#80
aaasdjfkldsfk posted...
FF7 is a million times better than FF13. Anyone that doesn't think that is a blind sheep or 10 years old.

I wouldn't say a million, but generally, yea I agree. There's more play value in 7 than 13.

Just because someone thinks an older game is better isn't necessarily blinded by nostalgia. Sure it happens, but to speak in absolutes is absurd.
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