ZombiU easter eggs

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User Info: P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N

5 years ago#1
Has anybody spotted some?

Personally, I've noticed two. There was a Rabbid painted on a wall near the first base. The second were the Killer Freaks from ZombiU's original concept inside the store. They were dolls, of course, they didn't attack.
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User Info: Gdboyratedloud

5 years ago#2
I guess not....
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User Info: MANTI5

5 years ago#3
A few people spotted what was believed to be staff nnid on a few walls.

User Info: milhouseVH

5 years ago#4
The Central line map right at the beginning still has the two stations past Epping written on it, with a little plate over them. Kinda neat, I live at the end of that line, and those two stations closed when I was a kid.
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