So apparently "God" is considered innapropriate on Miiverse.

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  3. So apparently "God" is considered innapropriate on Miiverse.
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User Info: mhayes86

4 years ago#132
Spawngoat posted...
Better to block it than to have posts turn into stupid arguments over the existence of some deity.

"Mr. Jefferson, build up that wall" Christopher Hitchens

Figure of speech or not, that's my sentiments exactly. Religion starts arguments, so I'd rather keep the entire Miiverse secular and avoid it altogether.

Also, excellent signature! I'm paying my respects to Christopher Hitchens today.

User Info: DrRM

4 years ago#133
DrRM posted...
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

must quotes on games come from others(non game related person)... some know person or others from a unknown author... but it is true.

that's why I see miiverse like a gaming heaven. the last place where you can talk about game and only game, without the additional S*** like topics like this and boards full of S*** like this one...

there I removed the "bad" words...
"He aqui mi secreto, que no puede ser mas simple : solo con el corazon se puede ver bien; lo esencial es invisible para los ojos."
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  3. So apparently "God" is considered innapropriate on Miiverse.

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