I'm sorry but this console is a joke and in my opinion is half assed

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User Info: TiamatKiller

5 years ago#111
Do people not seem to understand just how EASY it is to get a location for something once you're pointed in the right direction?

"Cities are big" isn't a valid complaint...this is coming from someone who has some networking knowledge.

It's not like they have to physically go there and manually search.

There isn't really any excuse to not have the option to publicly hide locations.
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User Info: wh0_kn0ws

5 years ago#112
red0991 posted...
I have to respectfully disagree. 3D innovation was utilized during the Playstation era by games like the Final Fantasy series and Gran Turismo 1 and 2. Final Fantasy VII revolutionized the way we look at 3D games because it opened up an expansive 3 dimensional world for us to explore and play in, with 3 dimensional characters and monsters. This was uncommon at the time, and to be done as well as they did sparked up other game designers to follow suit with other genres. Squaresoft continued to improve with VIII by improving the character models to looking like people, not polygons.

As for the Gran Turismo franchise, they have had the most consistency with their graphics being top notch in their genre, because they worked damn hard on making their games as lifelike as possible. The graphics on GT2 are comparable to crappier looking games on the Ps2.

I know the examples I picked are overblown monsters of gaming that everyone talks about. But they really set examples back then, and there's a reason that they were talked about so much. If game companies put out garbage then they didn't make it, and that's why a lot of the crappy Ps1 games (which there were a lot) didn't make it very far.

i don't necessarily disagree, i just think the tech at the time would have been better served pushing 2D as far is it could go, instead being a phase of growing pains hammering out everything that was wrong with 3D at the time.
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User Info: unnamedFer

5 years ago#113
Remember the times where the tech was lower and it was the game developers who had to find ways to make their games look better? (N64 RARE)

User Info: AllConsoleLover

5 years ago#114
unnamedFer posted...
Remember the times where the tech was lower and it was the game developers who had to find ways to make their games look better? (N64 RARE)

Yeah, it was called they needed the extra expansion pack
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User Info: unnamedFer

5 years ago#115
Not all of them tough.

User Info: Kano92

5 years ago#116
How can the Wii U be next gen if the games run in 720p ?
Next gen is going to be about 1080p. Almost all tv's sold now are 1080p. Come on nintendo, 720p is like 2005.

According lens of truth site the wii u currently has problems keeping up with this current gen falling short often when it comes to frames per second. Theres no way they can sustain game at a native res of 1080p. If you don't believe me go the lens of truth site and check the head to head articles see for you self. Even eurogamer site has some head to head comparisons, look for it.

The wii u games with time will have better textures and lighting and such but they won't be able to bump the res to 1080p unless they don't mind the games run below 30fps. Which that would make the game unplayable.

Some say they can just optimize the games when PS4 & XBOX 720 comes out. I say how can they optimize to anything more when it's already lagging right now compared to whats out right now. What a joke. Theres no way they will optimize the wii u games one day to just suddenly play in native 1080p without major drop in fps. If the wii u could do 1080p native in it's games they would done by now especially nintendo making there own first party games for their system. Xbox 720 & PS4 will have 1080p games no doubt about it. Do you really think 3rd party compaines really take the time to port a downgrade to 720p for one console. The wii u won't be able to handle next gens games, unless they handicap/gypped the game on purpose for the wii u sake so it would run on all three systems. But that would be dumb cause we would not see the potential for the next gen. God I hope not, cause that would hold back the true next gen games.
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User Info: freutty2

5 years ago#117
Your problem dude. Personally, Look at me.

Miiverse restriction about cursing. I don't curse. Its bad. Your problem.

100 characteristics, yea that isn't good. But most of the time I can sum up what I'm talking about in that amount. Make it sort and simple.

Only can download game at 12 - 3 am that are M rated / 18 +.. Your problem. I don't even download games. Takes me over 12 hours to download Trine 2. Might as well go to the store and pick up a game.
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User Info: Xcalibur02

5 years ago#118
Cholo6 posted...
Wow 11 pages in and not one solid counter-argument.

What's the point? If anyone did argue, they'd just get pushed aside as another "blind fanboy." Hell, we've got people crying fanboy in this topic, and no one is even arguing with TC.

The obsessed haters have made even liking the Wii U a crime around these parts. Damned you do and damned if you don't.
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User Info: geneticsftw

5 years ago#119
abbeldydoo posted...
I read the topic title like this

"I'm sorry but this console is a joke and my opinion is half assed"

Lol, glad I'm not the only one

User Info: FewButCrazy

5 years ago#120
I agree with a few points made here.
Ive had no problem being censored on miiverse, but I hate the 100 character limit.
I also wish that you could turn off the gamepad when you want to.
There are definitely some issues with the console.
Hopefully some of the shortcomings can be addressed in a firmware update.

But I love the system so far. Ive put a solid 10 hrs into COD and Zombiu and have enjoyed it immensely.
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  3. I'm sorry but this console is a joke and in my opinion is half assed

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