I'm sorry but this console is a joke and in my opinion is half assed

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User Info: wh0_kn0ws

5 years ago#91
red0991 posted...
Actually it is exactly that, a "technological" upgrade. Nobody ever said anything about it being a visual upgrade. Take for example however Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. That had exquisite graphics and the attention to detail great. They were able to make that game look as good as it did, as well as make the game large and expansive because of the technological upgrade from cartridge to disc.

that's how it was hyped though and many people thought so. but i get what you're saying and i was obviously cherry picking examples.

SOTN was maybe the last bastion of the 2D heyday and is indicative of my initial point, that 2D's potential was never fully realized. 3D "innovation" shouldn't have been utilized until the tech was reasonably advanced enough, which was the dreamcast's performance, really.
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User Info: Amagius

5 years ago#92
TC is right. I think I'm going to flip mine for some liquidity, or to invest in a tower.

I'm certainly not trolling. He's about on spot, and he played to my Nintendo nostalgia.

And suddenly, I realize that almost the entirety of the Wii U feature set will be analagous to the original Xbox's "HUGE LIKE XBOX" and "Big hands > Big console" memes. Haunting.
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User Info: VideoGameBlitz

5 years ago#93
Pretty much agree with the TC, dont you feel like Big Brother is watching and controlling every move you make on the Wii U?
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User Info: Carpetfluff

5 years ago#94
Unpure_Euphoria posted...
From: HellsingOrg | Posted: 12/14/2012 6:04:55 AM | #001
"Hey Steve,

What's up?
Do you want to play some Sonic Transformed later today?"

On Wii U its like this:

"Hey Steve, What's Up? Do you want to play sonic Transformed later today?"

^^^ which one looks more professional and nicer to look at?
which one is an abomination clusterf***?

I'm pretty sure three people now have quoted this and said that the second example looks better.

Seriously, people?

This makes me sad to be a writer.

I can't help that; it's true; apart from the horrible usage of capitalisation. You'll also have some very strange looking books if you're leaving a line between everything you write. Your writing will be the enemy of rain forests everywhere.

User Info: TaKun782

5 years ago#95
Ya because you just HATE your Wii HD dont you? >_>
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User Info: DEMONPANDA212

5 years ago#96
kingofall214 posted...
abbeldydoo posted...
I read the topic title like this

"I'm sorry but this console is a joke and my opinion is half assed"

lol me too. I thought it was going to be a joke topic or something but then I read it again.

Me three.

Listen, I detested the Wii, I even have many a review on Youtube saying my displeasure over the Wii and it's games and on almost all of them is me being slammed for it. So I was shocked at how much I like the WiiU.

He has some valid points, but they're badly researched (To the point that this comes as obvious trolling from a guy who's never played the system) because...

The slow OS, I never get any load times longer than 10 seconds since the update, so have you done the update?

The Miiverse is my idea of hell (Why can I just be left alone while gaming? Why do I have to be bothered by thousands of strangers who I don't give 1 crap about? All consoles are bad with this now, but my WiiU screen is filled with thousands of nobodies everyday. And the worst part is, I've not even loaded the Miiverse up!). So I can't say how strict it is, except reading your whole post stinks of contradictions compared to wanting things strict and not strict at the same time.

The PM problem, get a life, seriously, get a life.

That should be.
Get a life.
Get a life.

The download problem, is EU law. Ok OP, not Ninty, it's a stupid law from Germany and it's on both the 3DS and WiiU and it's because Germany runs the EU e-Shop.

Chat problem is valid, but surely after you bashed the censorship, you see why, right? Nintendo won't allow anything that could cause parents mass hysteria. And voice chats with tons of people they may not know, is something parents care about.

Locked games is a huge problem for me as I have 400 over my Wii, WiiU and 3DS... Proof time as no one ever believes me


Oh, before someone counts, not every game I own and have reviewed is up, like the 20 ambassador games to name but 20. Anyway...

The lacking features can be found on a P.C, you might want to try one, because games consoles should be played with, not looked at, but hey, that;s just me.

So format them, it's probably to keep the system safe as it probably doesn't have virus killer software. If you're wanting to use it on the WiiU, then you have to format it, if it's data that can be used on other systems, don't use it on the WiiU. I mean unless it's a hefty amount of porn you're worried losing ;)

Totally agree with the battery issues, they suck, it makes a console like a handheld and with no spares being available, it's a huge issue for me too.

As long as the game isn't telling people your address, then they don't know your EXACT location, now, do they? Cities are huge after all.

You either want strict access, or you don't, make your mind up.

Is your memory that bad that you want to relive what you played on and when? Or is this to check up on these so called kids that you seem so concerned about, except being annoyed at the strict access at the same time?

Region locking sucks as everyone hates Europe, New Zealand and Australia.
You'd have to be a moron not to be able to use this machine it's that simple. The only problem is with that awful day 1 update and that's because it doesn't tell you everything it's going to do in advance so you have to watch it like a hawk.

Yes, the N64 was awesome.

Iwata took over and turned them into a different company overnight, we now also have Reggie who I must admit I like about as much as a racist football yobbo. I've never trusted or liked him, never been keen on Iwata either.

User Info: bleedingelite

5 years ago#97
SubZeroChief23 posted...
AwesomeOSauce posted...
Lol at all the Ninty fanboys changing the subject to how they wrongly read the title instead of actually discussing the valid issues tc brought up.

lmao @ fanboys are just sad.

This is why we call Nintendo fanboys a joke because they know all of this is true and have no response so they try to dodge it.

Why should they have a response? It's not like anybody's obligated to. Imagine if you had a girlfriend, and I came up to you and said "hey, your girlfriend has acne and one time she farted in class and I almost vomited." Would you try and argue with me about why she's still a good girlfriend, or would you just punch me in the face and walk away? I mean, this is pretending that you're not a beta.

User Info: DemonDog666

5 years ago#98
Unpure_Euphoria posted...
I'm really disappointed. It's my own fault; I'm not sure what I was expecting on Gamefaqs.

Saw this topic, and as someone who does not yet own a Wii U but was satisfied with my Wii and planned to buy a Wii U by March of next year, I was interested. Now, the title of the topic made me think he was trolling. He probably could have formed his post better and more respectfully but again - what was I expecting?

Lo and behold, he seems to be talking about stuff that absolutely no one here is denying. So instead, people mock him for his outrage at... if true, what seems to me, outrageous features - or lack thereof. I understand that Nintendo's Wii hit a jackpot with the casual and family market, but did they truly engineer this console with only them in mind, forgetting entirely about the rest of their fanbase? This OP makes it seem that way.

If anyone that has better knowledge of the Wii U's capabilities, features, perhaps some more redeeming qualities, or possess any kind of proof that things may improve in the future, please post. These popcorn comments are funny for the first few reads, but when there's 50-someodd posts and not a single one has really taken the TC seriously, objective consumers who are reading, like myself, are really short changed.

But, this is Gamefaqs after all. I'm ready to be trolled.

TC is just right and it's unlikely things will improve anytime soon. I mean he didn't' even mention all digital content becoming useless if anything happens to your wiiU and you don't/can't repair it. So replacing a console is out of the question and don't piss off your girlfriend if she's the type to smash consoles and put up a youtube vid of it.

User Info: wh0_kn0ws

5 years ago#99
DEMONPANDA212 posted...
we now also have Reggie who I must admit I like about as much as a racist football yobbo

i don't know what that means, but you've got to admit, he's pretty hilarious.

i mean just look at him. then think about what he says. then look at him again. i guarantee your day will improve.
it's simple. just be nice.

User Info: Ampharos64

5 years ago#100
I just really want to know what they did to get modded on Miiverse, I keep hearing it's really easy to get modded on there but haven't seen many examples. Anyone got any? Provided they wouldn't also get modded here, of course.
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