No more excuses for Nintendo, seriously

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User Info: danny50

5 years ago#21
The Wii was pretty successful wasn't it? I think it's too early to say whether it will fail, but I must agree that the fanboyism on here is astounding at times.
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User Info: sonicfanaticjtb

5 years ago#22
_Mad_Hatter_ posted...
I just have to ask. What is it about nintendo that attracts so much hate?

Every ******* time nintendo drops a system, handheld or console, people just say nintendo failed...

Every time...

Since the bloody Nintendo vs Sega days.
So glad sega whooped nintendos arse, their new system is the...
Oh right they only do software now...

So if Nintendo is doing so bloody bad, and since the mid 90s. How come they are still doing stuff?

People are stupid.

That's really the only logical reason.

I mean, it's fine if you disagree with the decisions that Nintendo makes... No matter what Nintendo does, they ain't gonna make everyone happy... They could make the best, most logical decisions in the world and someone would still disagree with 'em... But, to throw so much hate towards a company that does something that you don't agree with? That's just a bit silly, don't ya think?
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User Info: NerdKing17

5 years ago#23
Nintendo hater on the loose!Dude..the Wii was great and so is the Wii U.They are both just as good as PS3 and Xbox360.

User Info: PUNCHOUT1116

5 years ago#24
Stopped reading at "wii was a failure".
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User Info: Lemmywinks13

5 years ago#25
I wish I could fail like the Wii did. I could use about 10 billion dollars.

User Info: uneedtowakeup

5 years ago#26
Wii was a good idea. Nintendo just underestimated the effect of having weak hardware

Wii U has the same problem but it's not a good idea. The whole concept sucks, is distracting, not fun nor innovative.

The Wii U's success depends on what Xbox 720 and PS4 will be like.

User Info: Ansem_the_evil

5 years ago#27
Fusion916 posted...
It was amusing at first to watch the fanboys try to spin the obvious failure of the Wii U into some kind of success but it's getting to the point where its just sad.

It's time to face facts.

The Wii was a failure and so is the Wii U for the exact same reasons. I don't care how many billions of Wii consoles sold, it didn't have any real games besides Nintendo exclusive which were still a generation behind the massive amounts of great third party games that came out for PS3. On top of that, the Wii U console sales numbers will be no where near the Wii is.

And now we are seeing history repeat itself in front of our own eyes with 3rd parties abandoning the console because they know the Wii U's hardware will not be worth developing for compared to the PS4 and 720. Exact situation the Wii was in.

It's time to face facts, fanboy or not. The Wii U will be devoid of 3rd parties and will suffer for being (correctly) perceived as last gen hardware by next year. Except this time Nintendo will not make anywhere near as much money on the Wii U as they did the Wii because no one will buy thing. It's hardware sales are already poor and it just came out. Imagine what hardware sales will be like a year from now.

Dont know what rock you live under Tc but the wii outsold both the xbox360 and ps3 so you are just one of the butthurt ps3/xbox fans who cant accept nintendo have made something good
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User Info: MewtwoEx

5 years ago#28
¨The Wii was a failure¨

How many units did it sell again?

Please stop making yourself look like an idiot I feel embarrased for you TC

Lets go back to the basics shall we?

Wii sold more than the PS3 and 360

now,if the Wii was a ¨failure¨ according to you, the makes the other 2 even worse

Kindergarden logic, I hope you can understand it,

you been exposed TC, byebye now. go troll somewhere else

User Info: Lethal13

5 years ago#29
As long as nintendo keep making games I'm happy wii was the home console i bought the most games for out of any era so far.

Admittedly not on the wii u bandwagon yet but when they start releasing more games i'll get one, hopefully at a lower price point too :D

User Info: Emperor_mateus

5 years ago#30
I agree with Tc. Nintendo should be more like Sony and lose all the money they have gained in the past on their new console.
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