No more excuses for Nintendo, seriously

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User Info: metroid888

4 years ago#41
I don't get what all the crying about nintendo's graphics is all about. Don't people realize that an AVERAGE gaming machine will absolutely crush any console in a graphics comparison? Let alone if you've got a decked out machine running quad SLI with 6 monitors. However that doesn't instantly make a platform the best.

Exclusives are what make a system. Nobody cares about what generic sports games (ncaa 13) or generic crime games (zomg so many this year hitman saints row dishonored assassins creed) they can play on their system, they care about the exclusives. As long as nintendo holds onto their IPs like mario, zelda, metroid, star fox, donkey kong, pikmin, etc, they will always be around.
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User Info: Spade59

4 years ago#42
Fusion916 posted...
The Wii was a failure and so is the Wii U for the exact same reasons. I don't care how many billions of Wii consoles sold

Yes, disagree with whatever makes your entire rant meaningless. The Wii U has also sold well.

Cry less.

User Info: Enigma149

4 years ago#43
Fusion916 posted...
It was amusing at first to watch the fanboys try to spin the obvious failure of the Wii U into some kind of success but it's getting to the point where its just sad.

It's time to face facts.

Oh boy, here we go.

The Wii was a failure and so is the Wii U for the exact same reasons. I don't care how many billions of Wii consoles sold, it didn't have any real games besides Nintendo exclusive which were still a generation behind the massive amounts of great third party games that came out for PS3. On top of that, the Wii U console sales numbers will be no where near the Wii is.

Actually, it had a large number of "real games", though the list has already been posted. Now, these games weren't received as high, critically, as the games on the PS3 (and the 360...your Sony fanboyism is showing), and there can be many number of reasons for this:

1) They weren't in as popular genres. Look at the best-rated games on the PS3, and you'll find that most of them are realism-based action adventure titles...which weren't on the Wii. On the 360, most of them are FPS games.

2) Reviewers take graphics into account, which is going to lower the scores of Wii games.

3) Many reviewers will automatically give games with motion controls a low score (*cough*GameSpot*cough*), making Wii scores low.

And now we are seeing history repeat itself in front of our own eyes with 3rd parties abandoning the console because they know the Wii U's hardware will not be worth developing for compared to the PS4 and 720. Exact situation the Wii was in.

For one, the Wii U is launching first. The Wii launched last. For another, you have no proof of this aside from a small number of games skipping the Wii U...many of which are also skipping the PC (GTAV, anyone?).

It's time to face facts, fanboy or not. The Wii U will be devoid of 3rd parties and will suffer for being (correctly) perceived as last gen hardware by next year. Except this time Nintendo will not make anywhere near as much money on the Wii U as they did the Wii because no one will buy thing. It's hardware sales are already poor and it just came out. Imagine what hardware sales will be like a year from now.

Well, at least you admitted you were a fanboy in the first line. Though I wouldn't exactly consider outselling the launch weeks of the PS3 and 360, in a recession no less, low.
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User Info: djruden

4 years ago#44
Nintendo still makes the best games. They still outsell the competition. They still are AAA games. They make plenty to justify my purchase of a nintendo console.

Whats the problem exactly?

User Info: DarkShadowRage

4 years ago#45
A big time Samus fan and Metroid fan |I'm probably the biggest Samus fan you'll ever meet.

User Info: ish0turfac3

4 years ago#46
The wii was a failure? Yeah that's how it sold more units than the ps3 or 360..
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User Info: GEKGanon

4 years ago#47
I have 42 physical discs for the Wii, which of course does not include the games I traded in. If Wii was a failure, then Jesus Christ, I'd hate to think how much money I would have spent if they "actually had games".
Steam Name: gekganon

User Info: Hejiru206

4 years ago#48
Fusion916 posted...
The Wii was a failure

Stopped reading there.
"The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense." -Tom Clancy

User Info: digiblaster

4 years ago#49
StrangerAeons posted...
it didn't have any real games besides Nintendo exclusive

I've always been a fan of the Wii, and knew it had a good number of good games.

But holy ****, even I didn't realise quite how many games I'd missed out on. I'm gonna have to raise a crapload of cash to go and get some of those...

User Info: jackorhoads

4 years ago#50
AhnoldDood posted...
ITT: "My opinion matters way more than yours, just accept that!"

Nothing to see here, folks.

yeah that. Also TC is confusing his opinion with facts.
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