Was the Wii a disappointment?

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User Info: Yoshi7720

4 years ago#41
Just like to point out that ~300,000 sales for No More Heroes is for North America. Was quite surprised at how low it was so I looked it up; according to http://www.vgchartz.com/game/7667/no-more-heroes/ the global total is 520,000. Not a million-seller by any means.

User Info: doraemonllh1989

4 years ago#42
jedinat posted...
Exclusives speaking... it was stronger than the other consoles.

my grammar sucks and i dont care
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User Info: Mattatron42

4 years ago#43
Chocobo115 posted...
jedinat posted...
Chocobo115 posted...
didn't like Twilight Princess.

So you're problem with the Wii, game-wise, was a single Gamecube port? Uh-huh.

I bought the Wii mainly to play Twilight Princess, yes. I didn't like it. Didn't like the tacked on motion controls. Got bored and just quit playing in some water temple.
Super Mario Galaxy was fine.
As was SSBB, but I'm not much for competitive gaming so only did that singleplayer.
Haven't really touched the Wii since.
I simply have more fun on my PS3, it gives me the gaming experiences I prefer over what Wii offered.

it wasn't the controls, the water temple was too hard for you. that was a tough temple. wii was better I played a halo game once got killed real quick then sold my 360 I'm sure nothing good came out on it after halo
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User Info: Supso

4 years ago#44
Xenoblade, skyward sword, rayman and donkey kong made it a great console for me.

User Info: LunarRoar

4 years ago#45
Not really, it did about as well as the Gamecube in terms of exclusive titles, which is a good thing since the Gamecube had a good number of exclusives. Definitely did better than the N64. Some might disagree with that but fact of the matter is that the N64 wasn't that great in terms of sheer numbers.
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User Info: DTY3

4 years ago#46
to me, the Wii was a disappointment until around 2010, when i learned to actually search for Wii games.
Metroid Zero Mission and Super Metroid are some of the finest 2D games ever made and are the best in the series.
Metroid Fusion is pretty cool I guess.

User Info: OtakuGamera

4 years ago#47
havent had the console but other than platforming games like mario, donkey kong and zelda, there is little else the wii could offer especially after 7 years in the market.
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Jason Hart Maivia 4 years ago#48
While I did get some good games for the console, there were far too many problems that kept it from being anything close to being on par with the other consoles.

-Very few fighting games. (None of the latest Street Fighters, King of Fighters, Virtual Fighters, Tekkens, Mortal Kombats, Dead or Alives, etc.)

-Very few RPGs.

-Very few high quality action games.

-Very few racing games.

-Besides Punch-Out, how many great boxing games were there on Wii? Zero...and Punch-Out is more like a really fun boxing-themed puzzle game.

-Terrible 3rd party support.

-Wii Motion Plus should have been built in the Wiimote from the very beginning.
-Too many last gen ports.

-Too many PSP ports. (Yeah, that's right! Friggin' PSP ports...and not even the good ones!)

-Hardly any effort from even some of the bigger game companies, with many being worse than what was released on PS2, Gamecube, Dreamcast, and Xbox.

-No Star Fox, Wave Race, F-Zero, Pikmin, or 1080 Snowboarding.

-Missed out on almost all big 3rd party titles this generation.

-Many games not having online support, while the HD consoles did for the same games.

-Bad graphics for many games. Most third party companies never put in the effort.

-Too many games with missing features included on the HD console versions.

-Too many droughts. There were periods where there seriously wasn't much to buy that's worth buying.

-SHOVELWARE made up of, like, 85% of the library!

-With sooooo many games aimed at the casual gamer, you'd think more companies, including Nintendo, would realize that the more dedicated, core gamer would be left out. I don't get it. They're CASUAL gamers who CASUALLY play games, yet most of the library is for them while support for games that would be of interest to the hardcore/core was dropping sharply. Ultimately, Nintendo lost the core gamer market to Sony and Microsoft again for another generation, and it's probably worse than ever since N64. That blue ocean audience that bought the Wii may not be interested in video games any longer, so it's going to be challenging for Nintendo to convince both the core and casual crowd to buy a Wii U.

-Wii didn't get its real Zelda adventure game until 5 years after launch. Twilight Princess was a Gamecube game, and many people either played or owned it on that system instead of Wii. Link's Crossbow Training doesn't count.

-Games, like Fatal Frame 4 was held back, and Project Rainfall had to happen, but shovelware makers are given licenses for their games all generation long.

-Friend Codes.

-Limited memory space for downloaded games and save. Have to "clean the fridge" when you don't have enough room to play big Wiiware games.

-High quality Wiiware support died really fast. Looking at what's on PSN and XBLA, Wiiware looks pitiful.

-Too many games with bad or awkward controls motion. Many of them could have had Gamecube or Classic Controller support, but didn't. Games like last gen versions of Sega All Stars Tennis & Mario Power Tennis played a lot better than the Wii versions.
Donkey Kong Country Returns = Waggle to roll, Pound, and blow = stupid

-Wii Web browser getting just one update, and then soon forgotten. Even the Dreacmast had ongoing updates & support for their Planetweb and DreamKey/Passport browsers when the system was healthy more than 10 years ago.

Yeah, the Wii definitely had lots of problems, but there are still a lot of fun games worth playing, with many of them being console exclusive. I hope Wii U does a better job with third party support. Their best efforts and games needs to be there.
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User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#49
Yep, it was a disappointment. I bought mine at launch, gave it a few weeks, then sold it for my PS3. Not one shred of regret, either.

BlackPhoenix127 posted...
OPINIONS! No matter what anyone's answer is to the TC's question, it's an OPINION!

If you don't understand this, then you shouldn't be allowed a keyboard, CPU, and internet access.
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User Info: Yoshi7720

4 years ago#50
Chocobo115 posted...
As was SSBB, but I'm not much for competitive gaming so only did that singleplayer.

Wait, not sure I understand. By "competitive gaming" do you mean any sort of competition between players, or do you mean trying to be the best gamer ever and winning tournaments and stuff? Because most of the appeal of the multiplayer in Smash Bros. for most people is just getting together with friends and bashing Nintendo characters against each other for fun (I'm simplifying a bit).
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